March 2013

Wanted wooden stools, £1,896 inc VAT for set of four

Nina Moeller, maker of exquisite wooden furniture, has launched several new designs, including a stool made from oak off-cuts

Organically-grown flowers from Cornwall

For the eco-friendly mother, we have a few ideas up our sleeve, from organically grown flowers to linen aprons via teacosies

Diamond Stripe throws by Jennifer Jones of Wide Eye Design

New cushions or throws make a room look instantly refreshed. And you won't have to hunt too hard to find gorgeous product made from sustainable fabrics including linen, organic cotton and wool, as well as upcycled textiles.

Recyclable waste. Picture courtesy of WRAP UK

The good news is the trajectory is up... the bad news is that regional variations across the UK are high when it comes to recycling

Ethereal and beautiful - The Woodland Boudoir from Silkfelt

Nimble fingered knitters and sewers, indulge your passions for wools, threads, textiles and yarns at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at London's Olympia (14-17 March)

Resting Sumatran tiger by Rose Corcoran

Rose Corcoran donates money from the sale of her charcoal drawings of tigers to a charity working to protect the animals

Don't throw your coffee grinds down the drain...make a lampshade out of them

Coffee grinds lampshades are just some recent eco inventions from Spain