November 2013

Cotoneaster Hybridus Pendulus is ideal for smaller gardens

Late autumn/winter is a good time to plant trees. And don't think trees are the preserve of folks with large gardens, because there are plenty of trees for small urban gardens, as well as some that will grow and live happily in containers

Exquisite paper book by artist Sarah Morpeth, who works with paper

Handmade In Britain is a chance not only to see inspiring art and craft but to meet the designers and buy directly from them. So if you're on the look out for that perfect ceramic vessel for your mantelpiece or some unique tableware, this is the show for you

Celia Sawyer has a new BBC 1 home programme coming up

Interior designer, collector, dealer and television star Celia Sawyer thinks glamour and eco-friendliness are far from being mutually exclusive.

By 2050 70 per of us will be living in cities.. which will have to be sustainable

French environmental services giant Veolia has been looking into the near future and its got some interesting predictions about our homes. For example, we won't need bins nor to buy detergents. And bathrooms will keep themselves clean.

Jeremy Barlow's Burnham Overy Staithe

If you're Christmas shopping in the capital, make time to visit the Mall Galleries where you'll be amazed by the skill of Britain's most talented painters working in oils. This exhibition covers varied genres, including landscapes and still life

Artist and anarchist Jamie Reid designed Romans In Britain, Howard Brenton's play, performed in 1980

Five celebrated graphic artists have designed a limited edition silk-screen poster to represent a particular decade in the National Theatre's life. Just 40 of each work is available, so you'd better snap one up if you like it

Free machine embroidery cushion

Super handy, imaginative and talented Kate Smith of The Makery in Bath shows you how to make fun and useful things for your home in her new book Makery... pull-out patterns included

Cardboard X2 Chair by Giorgio Caporaso, from

It is only November, so still time to focus your eco-friendly buying on your own homestead..even if you have half an eye on gifts

Brazilian rainforests are being better protected, says the Climate Policy Initiative

Greener interiors involve a lot of wood, and that wood needs to be sustainably produced. So it's encouraging that the Brazilian government is achieving considerable success in curbing illegal logging

Wrong For Hay Hockney sofa, Serve small tables and Curve chair

Furniture designer Sebastian Wrong has joined forces with Danish brand Hay to produce a new interiors collection that is eclectic, sophisticated, functional, affordable and, of course, sustainable

Sitting room has been decorated with Johnstone's low VOC paint

The Albert Kennedy Trust has opened a safe house for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender young people who've been made homeless or have fled from difficult homes. And it's a far cry from a cold utilitarian hostel.

Big Terns and Little Terns by Carry Akroyd

Wildlife enthusiasts will relish the chance to see some 300 works at this special exhibition in London

The eco friendly bathroom will have water-saving loos, taps and showers

The Northern and the South-West shows take place in Yorkshire and Somerset respectively. The events are a good opportunity to get crucial information and inspiration if building or refurbishing a property is on your agenda