April 2014

You'll find wonderful pieces dating back hundreds of years

Lorfords Antiques of Tetbury have turned a former aircraft hangar outside the town into a vast cornucopia of treasures sourced from all over Europe

RHI at the moment is very generous and people stand to make money

Richard Hiblen at renewable energy centre Green Square says we're mad if we pass up the chance to install renewable energy products in our homes using the Renewable Heat Incentive

Tulips Collection teapot £220, Royal Crown Derby

Britain's fine bone china company, known for its exquisite hand-painted designs, launches a new collection that will have tulip lovers in rhapsodies

Kari Whitman

US interior designer Kari Whitman is a Boulder gal who does her darndest to encourage her celeb clients to embrace recycling, upcycling and buying at least some homewares on craigslist. Jessica Alba and Kristen Bell love her approach

Medieval tapestry printed by Zardi & Zardi

If a visit to Hampton Court has set off a yearning to have a tapestry in your life - but you haven't got time to embroider one yourself - did you know you can have one digitally-printed on linen?

You can print the wood panels before you put them together

Want a clock that's all yours? Try Boxclock, the easy-to-assemble, decorate-as-you-will clock for home or office

The embroidery on these 100 per cent wool rugs hails from the Kutch region of north west India

London design studio Doshi Levien's colourful new collection for carpet company Nani Marquina celebrates Indian tribal folk embroidery

The auction takes place on April 29 in Primrose Hill at 7pm

The Cabinet Rooms specialises in pop-up auctions and it's holding a sale in London's Primrose Hill of vintage furniture and accessories with a strong Italian flavour. And you can bid online if you can't get there in person

Chop Cloc works by turning off central heating for a portion of every hour it's on for

Here's to Chop Cloc, which is helping lots of us cut our heating bills

Porcelain Birdcage lampshades by Harriet Caslin

For the chance to buy one-off pieces of beautiful British craft, don't miss the Handmade In Britain fair in London's Chelsea

Third Faberge Easter Egg, which disappeared in 1922

Antiques lovers and Russian history enthusiasts should head to Wartski Jewellers in Mayfair for a brief opportunity to see this exquisite egg, which vanished post 1922 and had found its way into the hands of a scrap metal dealer in the American Mid-West