September 2014

FSC-certified American white oak A-frame table, bench and storage unit by London's Matthew Elton

Ambrose is a new brand and it's part of Heal's. Pieces have good eco credentials and are built to last

Geometric wool needlepoint cushions from Fine Cell Work

From hand-stitched needlepoint cushions to delicious home fragrance via upcycled apple crates, a flatpack cat playhouse and an LED smart light bulb, it's an eclectic shopping list this month

Wind turbines in Scotland. A blight or a necessity?

With huge opposition from many country people, as well as bird charities, wind turbines are a divisive issue. But RenewableUK says we should have more confidence in the amount of electricity wind energy can generate, citing August as a record month

Invited Guests by Lisa Hooper

Feathered, four-legged, in motion, in flight...don't miss the Society of Wildlife Artists' autumn exhibition

Pen drawing from the 1920s "Beauty in Hyde Park'

Charming sketches, drawings and illustrations by the artist AK MacDonald are being put up for auction by Catherine Southon, along with a superb collection of Chinese and Japanese works of art

Clare makes her delicate birds from old and out of date maps

Claire Brewster is letting some of her beautiful birds map a new future - so make her an offer she can't refuse

Times Square Chairs by Rachel Tighe

Head to the Old Granada Studios for a chance to buy contemporary works of art by up-and-coming as well as established artists across the mediums of painting, sculpture and photography