November 2014

Upcycling with Out Of The Dark at Heal's

Join upcycling social enterprise Out Of The Dark to learn how to do a lot more than just make do and mend furniture that's fallen on hard times

Teixidors merino wool comes from Provence

Wool is a sustainable material, but its production is not always ethical. Teixidors is a soft furnishings brand that says sustainability and ethicality go hand in hand, and it's striving to use animal fibres from producers that guarantee high animal welfare standards

Grey tweed wool cushion, 30x55cms, £45

Stuff of Dreams offers diverse homewares made by designer-makers from here and from distant lands. And now it's bringing out its own in-house collection of products all made in Britain

RHI is proving popular with those who've taken it up so far

If you ponder on how feasible it really is to opt for renewable energy for your home, you might be swayed by research showing that people who've gone for the Renewable Heat Incentive give it a big thumbs up

Highgrove shop

Bristolians who like a royal flourish to their homewares will be delighted to hear Highgrove Shop has popped up in the Cribbs Causeway shopping centre

the tree looks fabulous with decorations on it

Emily Chadwick at Baskervilles Reclamation and Demolition in Staffs shares the company's guide to making a fabulous tree..from planks of wood

Dancing in the Moonlight by Frances Hatch

Britain's favourite potter Emma Bridgewater will be at the Petworth Festival, and the town's Kevis House has an exhibition of paintings by Frances Hatch and Mark Cazalet

Digitally printed cushions from Bat & Wolf, from £40

It's been too darn hot even to think about Christmas, but it's not far away. The Diggin Design Eco Fair at London's Garden Museum offers a chance to find gifts with a green conscience