April 2015

Inferior Grey from Pots of Paint

From a new mug or cushion to painting a room or putting down a whole new wood floor, the arrival of spring makes a lot of us want to engage in a bit of home improvement. Our shopping guide offers some eco friendly ideas to suit all budgets

Shelving unit from Beds-based Doe & Hope

Keen, entrepreneurial and knowledgeable, young antiques dealers are inspiring their peers..and their elders of course.. with cool vintage and antique pieces

weaving with Margo Selby

Textile designer Margo Selby knows her onions when it comes to weaving. So if you'd like to learn to weave or improve your weaving skills, pen in your diary her two-day course in Kent

Lucia collection from Italy

The Glasgow-based organic cotton bedlinen expert offers a luxury sateen collection with linen piping

The new AirRam K9

Worcestershire-based Gtech, creator of lightweight cordless vacuum cleaners, is celebrating after winning this prestigious award. A trip to the Palace could be in order...

Eco Houl house by Simon Winstanley Architects

Fancy being on telly? Home Away From Home is looking for people who'd like to take part in a UK home swap - and if your home has eco written all over it they'd especially like to hear from you

Earth Day 2015

Our cities are hugely polluting and the Earth Day Network is calling on us all to do our bit to make them sustainable by 2050 - so get those solar panels on the roof without delay

Keep This Cracker is a reusable cracker from Bea Thackeray

Re-useable cracker brand Keep This Cracker would love your vote in the Pitch To Rich business competition