June 2015

Ikea's gorgeous Kryddglad collection is made to fair trade and ethical standards

Your favourite photos printed on wood, funky washing up bowls made from plastic retrieved from rivers, or pretty fair trade hand-made accessories from big high street names...it's a varied crop in this month's guide

You can find zinc pots in salvage yards and second-hand shops

For the second in her series of super quick and easy upcycling projects, Kajsa Kinsella works her magic on the humble zinc pail. It's a fun thing to do with children if you want to get them upcycling early

wool for the range is woven in Scotland

Textile and homewares studio Hokolo introduces a new range made from pure wool woven in Scotland

#lovenature campaign will raise money for tree planting in Africa

The Dutch homewares brand is planting one tree for every rotary dryer it sells. So give up the energy guzzling tumble dryer and let wind and sun dry your clothes.

Andrea McClean has donated a bed to the BHF

TV presenter and columnist Andrea Mclean is reminding us that the British Heart Foundation is a big retailer in second-hand furniture and the more we donate, the more we're helping people on low incomes and the more money the charity can put into medical research