October 2015

World Geological Map from the Future Mapping Company

Maps are beautiful and your geographical knowledge will improve no end if you keep one on the wall. And now you can become a geological expert too with a rather special new map from The Future Mapping Company

Cheer up the garden in winter with colourful planters from Hum

From vintage rag rugs, willow baskets and Shropshire lavender to patterned plant pots and a simple device to tackle condensation, it's another colourful eclectic selection for your delectation.

Illustrator and graphic designer Isidro Ferrer with his Funny Farm friends

Celebrated illustrator Isidro Ferrer has struck a chord with his collection of quirky wooden animals developed in collaboration with lighting company LZF. And these exquisite handmade characters are proving highly collectible

Venini Glass

A collection of 20th century Venini glass was a highlight of Catherine Southon's recent auction

LooBlade is made from silicone

If the very thought of a loo brush turns your stomach and you resort to bleach to keep things clean, well, a LooBlade could make you less squeamish about the job

Swifts over the Fen by Dafila Scott

This forthcoming exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London celebrates the work of artists skilled at depicting the beauty of the natural world

20:20 sideboard by Nick James

Head to Newcastle for this great design festival - now in its 10th year - that celebrates the skill and creativity of our friends in the North

Long Form Library by Thomas Mills for ifsodoso

Chatsworth House in Derbyshire is hosting an exhibition that contrasts extraordinary contemporary furniture design with the stately home's classical architecture and art collections

cushions by Moavi Design (www.moavidesign.com)

Kew Gardens plays host to an exhibition of the fine craft organised by the Handmade in Britain team. So if you're after a decorative certain something that's beautiful and original, don't miss the show this weekend