December 2015

Christmas is wisely, buy eco when it comes to gifts

Christmas isn't the time to drop your standards and go all mass produced plastics and non-recyclable we've compiled our guides to make it easy for you to lavish your favourite folks with gorgeous gifts with eco cred

It's good to worry. You waste less electricity and don't leave taps running

A survey suggests people who are anxious about climate change aren't OCD or neurotic. Rather eco worry has the positive effect of changing behaviours for the better.

Mary wood candle holders
Rainforest deforestation is an environmental disaster

The World Wildlife Fund says deforestation has increased by 16 per cent over the past two years and it's urging the Brazilian government to boost conservation efforts

Enjoy a splendid real tree from Pines & Needles

Whether you like your decorations refined and glamorous, folksy and natural or bright and kitsch, there’s something wonderful about these upcoming few weeks of the year when we stumble bleary-eyed out of bed and find ourselves in a winter wonderland. Kay Hill puts on her elf hat and offers some decorating advice.