February 2016

New colours from Farrow & Ball

The middle classes' favourite made-in-Britain paint brand has brought out nine new colours for 2016

Butterflies live for just a few days, but their bodies can last for years under glass

There's a resurgence of interest in that prettiest of Victoriana, the butterfly dome. Indeed butterflies seem to be the creature of the moment, says dome maker Charlotte Proudlove

Ali Tomlin bowls £38 for a small and £42 for the larger size.

Ali Tomlin's pieces may look delicate, but don't think they're best off kept in a display cabinet. No, her refined, contemporary porcelain bowls, dishes and vases are pretty hardy and can go in the oven and the dishwasher

Spring fair to put a spring in your step

If you like craft, all things pretty and rural and find yourself in London between 16-20 March, the Country Living Spring Fair is for you

Mother Most Amiable - Mater Amabilis

A Royal School of Needlework exhibition this month celebrates the beauty of hand-embroidery and its role in the life of the church

Verdure & Decay by Anna Airy (1882-1964)

The popular fair offers a chance to buy original drawings and watercolours. And this year you can see an exhibition of works by Laurie Lee, and hear a talk by Simon Schama

Bisca won Best Product Design award

The mighty oak is very much in evidence in this bespoke staircase for a restored sixteenth century shippon ..which in case you haven't got a dictionary to hand means cow shed/barn