March 2016

Charlie Luxton trained as an architect..but never got round to taking his final part 3 exams

Architectural designer and TV presenter Charlie Luxton is optimistic that self-build is the future for the next generation. And he's all for thinking well and truly outside the box.

Megan table and bench by Raft

You might be shocked to learn that the UK is the fourth largest importer of illegally logged wood. So the need to be vigilant about what we buy is crucially important

Block side table is made from ash wood and steel

From trolleys to vases, egg cups to leafy green plants, organic cotton to cork, spring is coming and it's a good time to refresh things a bit

The museum opens in Dundee in 2018

The V&A Museum of Design Dundee is getting to work early by representing the UK at this year's XXI Triennale di Milano exhibition

New Zen Botanics plant pots from UK brand Hum

Hum has launched its second collection of colourful plastic pots, which have taken inspiration from Japanese art

Wisteria & Butterfly linen by Sanderson

The butterfly is a motif that we never tire of and Sanderson has used it to enchanting effect in Woodland Walk, one of its latest collections

We all need to get involved in greening the built environment

If you're concerned about sustainable development across the building spectrum - from individual homes to large commercial buildings - you'll be interested in short videos of experts sharing their views on how the built environment can lessen its carbon footprint

Bookcase, £70. Decorate it to personalise it.

Forget allen keys, with cardboard furniture you just slot it together in minutes. Meet The Cardboard Man, which wants to make life easy for students and anyone who has to move flat fairly regularly

Karen Cannard launched the Rubbish Diet in 2008

David Cameron has given Karen Cannard a Point of Light award for her tireless efforts in getting us to recycle our household waste

WeForest and Brabantia have worked together to plant trees in Ethiopia