May 2016

Peperomia plants come in many forms

We all know that plants improve our indoor air quality, yet younger Brits are surprisingly reluctant to embrace greenery indoors. If you're hesitant because you don't think you're green-fingered, try Peperomia plants, which are a breeze to care for

PinPres by Ooo My Design is hand-made in Spain from wood

Cupboards and wardrobes are so fuddy duddy... if you want your children to keep their things tidy, get them to pin them away

old bicycles make a great vehicle for floral displays in the garden

We've teamed up with our friends at Pinterest to bring you some easy, eco and affordable ways to get more flora into your life... flowers being symbolic of peace and love and all that...

Massimo Micheluzzi works using battuto technique

The Murano glass artist is exhibiting his work in London

Perfect for pink champagne or a glass of rosé...

Pastel colours are lovely for summer and anyone who yearns for some pale pink in their life will be delighted that V & B is making the gorgeous Boston collection of glasses available in rose pink

Older buildings can be retrofitted to increase insulation and reduce energy bills

Enhabit is a new company that aims to transform cold, leaky and gas guzzling old buildings into energy efficient, comfortable places to live and work. And given a new survey that suggests people don't want to live in older properties, their launch is timely

Textile dyed using pigment from micro algae by Berlin-based Blond & Bieber

Young designers from around the world are urged to enter this year's Make Me! competition run by Poland's Lodz Design Festival. There's a 4,600 euro first prize up for grabs

The Marine Conservation Society is asking us to do without single-use plastic for a month

Garden enthusiasts, make your way to Hampstead Heath for GROW London, the fun contemporary garden fair. Think sophistication and don't expect any who's grown the biggest marrow and longest courgette competitions

New Potato Stamp Stars organic cotton kids' bedlinen from Fox Organic Kids, £52 for duvet cover and pillowcase

EU referendum uncertainty may be causing turmoil on the markets, so let's do our bit to keep the green shoots of small green business growth growing. From pencils that bring forth flowers, organic cotton bedding and reclaimed wood clocks, we have an inspiring shopping list this month

Jennifer Manners rugs are hand-made in India and Nepal
The ice caps are melting..and it's not good for polar bears

The issue of climate change arouses strong passions. So what makes us accept or reject scientific data? Prof Andy Hoffman of the University of Michigan offers an explanation in a lecture at London's Cass Business School