October 2016

Art Deco mantelpiece clock, est £200-£300

Auctions are great places to make extraordinary finds and you can be lucky and pick things up for a song. The next Catherine Southon auction is big on decorative art pieces and other collectibles, so pen it in the diary if glassware, ceramics and silverware tickle your fancy

Christmas is coming...buy wisely, buy eco when it comes to gifts

Christmas isn't the time to drop your standards and go all mass produced plastics and non-recyclable synthetics...so we've compiled our guides to make it easy for you to lavish your favourite folks with gorgeous gifts with eco cred

Closca helmets are a bit of Spanish design

Not a decorative accessory for the mantelpiece but an award-winning Closca helmet is certainly a piece of safety attire that will turn heads as well as protect them

hyacinths are wonderful because they look and smell divine

Make a basket of hyacinths to brighten up your sitting room or act as a wonderfully fragranced table centrepiece. And it's an easy gift for children to make for their parents, grandparents or teachers..

Original 1930s' ski poster by Jupp Wiertz from antikbar

From original posters to rusty angel wings, linen cushions to wooden elephants, chalkboards to boot bags, our guide is the gift that keeps on giving great ideas

coffee cup houses

Clear Architects have been shortlisted in a competition to design affordable, eco-friendly starter housing. Their design uses used coffee cups and costs just £41,000 to build

Mackstick Shelves use coppiced hazel and cork covered birch ply

Henry Swanzy is a Cornish furniture maker who's doing a lot to make the ancient craft of coppicing highly relevant for contemporary eco-friendly furniture

West Elm has a good selection of organic cotton bedding and towels

The West Elm brand, which has green and getting greener credentials, came across the Atlantic to open its first European store in London's Tottenham Court Road. That shop is now celebrating its third birthday

UK textiles company St Jude's has teamed up with the park to hold an exhibition of exuberant works by some of our leading artists

Interior designer Julia Kendell is a fan of Stovey's modern looks and great engineering

Wood burning stoves are becoming de rigeur for anyone who wants to feel a/warmer, b/less dependent on the big energy companies and c/more eco friendly. But they're associated with traditional design, something new brand Stovey tells us it wants to change