January 2017

Cawley's job is to be keen, green and not mean when it comes to working with small suppliers in far off lands

Stephen Cawley has the task of ensuring John Lewis puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to ethics and the environment

model maker Timothy Richards' work is renowned

Architectural model maker Timothy Richards exhibits his work at No 1 Royal Crescent Museum as part of the celebrations of one of Britain's most recognisable and beautiful streets

Villa Circuitus is Kebony clad

Congratulations to the company that turns plentiful softwood into hardwood on again making it into the list of world leading eco friendly businesses.

This seating cube is made from old newspapers so yesterday's news is tomorrow's seat

The Shifty desk is made from FSC European ash

Daniel Schofield's Shifty desk took the furniture prize in the national New Design Britain awards

River Sunset by Tony Allain

Pastel isn't revered in the way that oil painting is, but the Pastel Society hopes to change perceptions with a very colourful and exuberant annual exhibition in London

Fab Little Bag opens and closes with one hand and becomes a sealed unit

Tampons and of course sanitary towels should not be flushed down the loo; though many women do flush the former. Easy disposal - and sparing our beaches - is what Martha Silcott's Fab Little Bag is all about

Flowers lantern

Head to Chiswick for a mesmerising evening along The Silk Road, a story told through beautiful illuminated giant lanterns