May 2017

Ethical and fair trade brand Sep offers exquisite hand-embroidered homewares and decorative accessories. Pieces are hand-made by Palestinian refugees in Jordan who are skilled in the art of cross stitching; and four years into the project, some 800 women are working with Sep

Marazzi tiles in Clerkenwell
City Living could make urban environments infinitely more pleasant

Garden designer Kate Gould won Gold and the Best Fresh Garden award at this year's show for her brilliant City Living garden

Two Lovers

Photographer Adam Harriden eschews both the latest in high-tech cameras and the immediacy of Instagram in favour of the Polaroid camera.

John Lewis has established a great reputation for homewares and furniture
Chrysanthemum rug by Jennifer Manners

Rugs are a wonder product because they have the capacity to make a room look great in an instant

A circular economy model by the Ellen McArthur Foundation

We're all getting very good at recycling our household waste but a lot more needs to be done by government, industry and business to achieve the circular economy we all know we need. The upcoming World Circular Economy Forum hopes to galvanise efforts

The Commonwealth believes regenerative development can reverse climate change

Solar power is becoming mainstream

The energy reduction specialists are thrilled to make the finalist list for this year's awards celebrating great business practice in the North West