May 2017

A circular economy model by the Ellen McArthur Foundation

We're all getting very good at recycling our household waste but a lot more needs to be done by government, industry and business to achieve the circular economy we all know we need. The upcoming World Circular Economy Forum hopes to galvanise efforts

The Commonwealth believes regenerative development can reverse climate change

Solar power is becoming mainstream

The energy reduction specialists are thrilled to make the finalist list for this year's awards celebrating great business practice in the North West

A throw is an essential piece for the living room

Cheer up your interior with Seven Gauge Studio's soft wool accessories in bold colours and geometric patterns..all made in Nottingham

Jangeus Design dishcloths are attractive and they biodegrade

Designer dishcloth maker Jangneus has added new patterns and colours to its collection of hard-wearing cloths that can be slung on the compost heap when they're done