August 2017

Fruitopia.. grab a piece and go...

Kingston University student George Woolley has a novel proposal to get us to eat more fruit...take apples, pears, bananas etc out of the fruit bowl and mount them in a plum position on the wall instead. His design is called Fruitopia. Loony or a damn good idea?

Bicoca portable lamp

Portable lamps are such a good idea and Marset's Bicoca is a great example of this growing genre of rechargeable lighting

Kyra Mihailovic's Tulip bowls, £40 each

It's an autumn feast of craft with the Handmade in Britain crew. They're bringing us Handmade at Kew and Sculpt at Kew, Handmade Edinburgh and Handmade in Britain

Alvar Aalto armchair, Finland 1930. Photograph: V&A Museum London

Plywood is one of the most ubiquitous and sustainable materials used in construction and for furniture. Its history dates back to the mid 1800s and the V&A is hosting an exhibition dedicated to it called Plywood: Material of the Modern World

DM Design - recently voted best for bedrooms in the Scottish Home Improvement Awards - has invested £250,000 in a biomass boiler at its head office

Wind turbines in Rajasthan

A quarter of India’s energy demand can be met with renewable energy, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). And the potential savings for people, as well as for the country, would be massive

Carpenter Tim Mansfield built this enclosure for residents in north London

Vital as they are, wheelie bins and recycling boxes aren't the most beautiful things. The answer to bin blight? Store them in a wooden enclosure and make a feature of an eyesore

Sweden's capital Stockholm

If you should be in Stockholm at the end of August, head to The Stockholm Act. It's an action packed week-long range of events to galvanise our efforts to meet the sustainable development goals set in 2015 by the UN

The colour wheel helps users work out what colours work together and can be mixed together to create bespoke shades for projects

Fans of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint will be pleased to note the designer has produced an easy-to-use 'colour wheel'