September 2017

Heart Wood from Dulux

Yes, colours, like people, need championing, so let's hear it for warm pinky mauve Heart Wood, which Dulux has crowned COTY 2018 - Egloo says it can warm up a 20m2 space by 2-3 degrees in 30 minutes

If you get chilly while working late at your desk, or you need a bit of heat during an al fresco supper, the Egloo could be just the thing to give you that soupçon of additional heat to keep you going

Windsor sofa

Joules has teamed up with British manufacturer DFS to produce the Joules Collection of sofas and chairs

New Boosbeck

Opening next month, the Northern Design Festival 2017 takes the theme 'Material Matters' and celebrates art, architecture, design and all things creative happening in the vibrant north

eco travel is the way to go

The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has a travel competition to promote sustainability, part of is Travel.Enjoy.Respect campaign. The prize? a month-long world trip

Savon Stories soaps and organic body care products are UK made

Pretty soaps are always irresistible and when they're organic and full of wholesome ingredients, and come in wrapping that evokes a walk in a wild flower meadow, well you just want to line your shelves with them

Bailey Bud vase collection from Flowerbx

You get five sweet little glass vases in different shapes in the Bailey Bud vase collection from online flower people Flowerbx

Ecosia say they've already planted 4 million trees

Fed up of being in thrall to Google? Then you can switch to using Berlin-based search engine Ecosia which donates 80 per cent of profits to environmental good causes

Peter Wileman's Fastnet

If you feel the call of the ocean but don't have the sea on your doorstep..well, art can help with the yearnings. The Royal Society of Marine Artists is holding its annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London and this year's works will transport you to just where you'd like to be

letterfest coat hook with vintage style lettering

Take pride in your address...and when memory loss sets in down the line and you can't remember your house number, well you can see it straight away...

The Urban Composter has bright coloured lids and won't be an unwelcome guest in the kitchen

Lots of us give up on composting because it's a smelly, messy business..not to mention that most containers are ugly. So hail the Urban Composter, which has arrived on UK shores from Australia. It'll make composters of us all....

This popular exhibition takes place at London's ExCel. You'll find it hugely helpful if you're thinking about renovating your property.. or dreaming of doing a self-build

The Stroud Green Market opens this month selling all manner of fine comestibles from local suppliers, growers and makers