November 2017

The £9.99 collection is eco friendly

The London-based company has a new collection of useful and eco friendly little things made entirely from waste wood from its production

If family meals have gone to the dogs because your teens can't avert their eyes from their mobile phones even as they chew, well, you might like to invest in a Pearl Dish. This lidded vessel could well take on totemic qualities as an enabler of real communication


Indoor air quality is greatly improved by having plants at home but they can take over surfaces and generally get in the way. Plantashelf is a new product that allows plant and shelf to live in harmony on the wall

Thomas Sanderson

The company was delighted to be contacted by customers asking if blinds bought in 1991 could be restrung - yes was the answer and the products are set for another 26 years' use

In its first year in its new Kensington home, London's Design Museum has had nearly 800,000 visitors. Proof, it says, that interest in design is growing all the time

This tree in central Wales was photographed by Tracey Williams

Hug one, climb one, stand in awe and admire one... It's the National Tree Council 's Tree Week and we're all being urged to praise be for the tree

Sock Lights by Jay Watson

There's still time to get interesting gifts for the young people in your life. Kay Hill, mum to a (very delightful) teenage boy, has some ideas

Miscanthus bale house in west Wales under construction

A house in West Wales is being built using carbon negative Miscanthus bales in a project aiming to evaluate the benefits and viability of using the plant in construction

Sue Ure ceramics

Colour me beautiful... the well-known potter shares some tricks of the trade - and does a rough assessment of her own eco-footprint