January 2018

abeego wraps. Set of six small wraps £15. Find at green pioneer.co.uk

Forget cling film and switch to natural plastic-free products to keep your food fresher for longer. Such as Abeego. It's organic cotton treated with beeswax and the resulting wrap is breathable, reusable and highly effective

A tidy room really does aid sleep

Loads of us are under slept and as you'll know, being tired day in day out is NOT GOOD. But don't reach for the sleeping pills, just listen to the sleep experts. A tidy room helps and no phone by the bed yeh!

Who says dining chairs must all be the same? Oliver Heath takes a mix and match approach in his home

He's put eco into chic, and if you're among those who would like to be more eco-friendly but think it's too much of a hassle or too expensive, he can help

Harewood House has many Chippendale pieces

Harewood House near Leeds is home to a remarkable collection of Thomas Chippendale furniture and it's inviting the public to visit a special Chippendale trail to mark the 300th anniversary of the designer's birth

Czechoslovakian Exbor cut and polished glass bird

This antiques fair at London's Excel Centre is a must for anyone with an interest in mid century modern furniture and accessories as well as early 20th century styles including art deco

Acoustic treehouse donated in summer 2017 by Quietmark to Kew Gardens

With the focus on plastic pollution, we forget that noise is also polluting our lives to extent that many of us have no idea what the sound of silence sounds like.

Thomas Petit Glass

Derbyshire based glass artist Thomas Petit's vase is beautiful with or without flowers

Upcycling Outdoors

A new book by everyone's favourite upcycler Max McMurdo shows us how to get creative in our outside spaces using discarded, salvaged or waste materials

Approaching Storm
Bio D packaging will all be recycled plastic by the end of 2018

UK eco cleaning product company Bio-D is switching all of its packaging to recycled plastic

The paper cup mountain must be tackled

New research from Mintel suggests the public agree with government that plastic waste must be tackled, and a levy on disposable paper cups is a good start.

Think green at the outset if you're doing an extension

We've had a mild winter so far, and spring's not far off, but don't be complacent...now's a good time to think about how you can make your home more energy efficient for next winter

Monochromatic gouache and watercolour paintings of migratory birds in flight

Jeremy Houghton's beguiling paintings of flamingos and birds in migration are a treat for art lovers and ornithologists