January 2018

The paper cup mountain must be tackled

New research from Mintel suggests the public agree with government that plastic waste must be tackled, and a levy on disposable paper cups is a good start.

Think green at the outset if you're doing an extension

We've had a mild winter so far, and spring's not far off, but don't be complacent...now's a good time to think about how you can make your home more energy efficient for next winter

Monochromatic gouache and watercolour paintings of migratory birds in flight

Jeremy Houghton's beguiling paintings of flamingos and birds in migration are a treat for art lovers and ornithologists

Czechoslovakian Exbor cut and polished glass bird

This antiques fair at London's Excel Centre is a must for anyone with an interest in mid century modern furniture and accessories as well as early 20th century styles including art deco

Consider what more you can do to keep the heat in, control energy bills and reduce CO2 emissions

We've been fortunate that winter 2017/18 has, so far, been pretty mild - but next year's might see us plunged into a polar vortex. So if you've not checked up on how your building is insulated, now's a good time to do so