May 2018

Lawn School with David Hedges Gower

David Hedges Gower is on a mission banish lawn neglect. A well-tended lawn is a work of natural beauty, so if you want to learn how to keep yours in rude health, heed his advice

Veggio bags are made from polyester. They're washable, last for ages and can be recycled

If you despair at having to use those single use plastic bags in supermarkets for your loose fruit & veg, nuts and pulses, then start carrying around re-useable, recyclable bags

As the world continues to beat a path to its door, this year's festival is focusing on the theme of identity and ways to make London feel hospitable to all of its residents and visitors

Gain colour confidence

Want to use colour in your home but not sure what goes with what? Are you wondering if feature walls are a thing of the past? Want advice on painting and brands of paint? Then come along to a colour workshop in central London

Susie Vaughan basket

Head to Devon for this year's festival of contemporary craft where you'll be in amazed at the creative genius alive and well in the UK