September 2018

Learn to felt and stitch with artist Helen Riddle
Italian furniture company Zanotta's Lama lounge chair is made from recycled PVC

Don't think all plastics are bad. Certainly not recycled and recyclable plastics, which are becoming de rigeur in the eco-conscious household.

Brindille collection from V+B

Villeroy & Boch are giving away 270 prizes as they celebrate a milestone anniversary

Chalk Paint creator Annie Sloan, a woman who's become an international business success

Fervour, passion, zeal.... all are adjectives that describe how Annie Sloan's customers feel about her paint. Many a competitor company would kill to know just what it is about it that inspires such devotion. Its creator isn't entirely sure either, except that it's damn good stuff

Czech Republic stand

The design mad must head to the Old Truman Brewery in east London for what promises to be a mighty and varied visual feast