February 2019

Houseplant Care Cards from Another Studio

If you're on the point of giving up on houseplants because they die on you not long after arriving home, don't, because help is at hand

Surfers Against Sewage

Rubber gloves on everyone, prepare to rid the country of plastic waste

A survey of 7,000 homeowners across Europe shows wood is the favourite material for flooring, furniture and cladding, with pale woods, particularly pine, being most in demand


This Is A Crisis: Facing Up To The Age of Environmental Breakdown urges government, industry, business and consumers to work together and act before our world is too hot or too flooded to live in

Their Story bedlinen is 100 per cent organic Fairtrade cotton

Fairtrade Fortnight focuses the mind on how we can support people around the world who work hard to keep us in cotton, affordable craftware, coffee, tea, flowers, cocoa and bananas

Forever by Indian contemporary artist Astha Butail

In The Absence of Writing is an interactive exhibition of works made by Indian artist Astha Butail, which explores how traditions are passed from one generation to the next using the spoken word