September 2019

Skinflint lighting is tackling climate change within its own ranks

The Cornwall based reclaimed lighting company says it will become CO2 neutral within six years and it's declared a climate emergency

Hunted & Stuffed

For those who like their decorative accessories to be unashamedly pretty and feminine, vintage Japanese kimono silk is being put to good use as cushion covers and lampshades

The Guest collection by star Spanish designer Jaime Hayón for Lladró

The word ornament has grim connotations. But don't make your dogs, birds or dancing ladies hide away, because ceramic ornaments mean a huge amount to us - and sales are on the rise

Now here's a Kickstarter we'd urge you all to get behind: Liverpool based Granbyware's campaign to raise £50,000 to produce tableware made from 100 per cent recycled materials

Tangier range from Weaver Green is made from recycled PET plastic

We are making progress when it comes to recycling plastics, with more designers using recycled plastic to make attractive products for home and garden, says Kay Hill.

Flowers grown in Somerset at Batch Cottage

Somerset flower farm Batch Cottage shows you how to make beautiful autumn wreaths using its home grown flowers and foliage

A YouGov poll suggests two thirds of people accept that air travel will have to limited if we're to fight climate change

Cornwall candle maker St Eval has brought out new glass hurricane lamps for candles

Sales of candles, particularly fragranced ones, continue to grow. And we're seeing more small artisan manufacturers bring delicious new fragrances to the market while striving to make their products environmentally friendly