January 2020

Jangeus Design dishcloths are attractive and they biodegrade

Designer dishcloth maker Jangneus has added new patterns and colours to its collection of hard-wearing cloths that can be slung on the compost heap when they're done

mixed box of misfit melts for £7

This family business is offering a box of its misfit melts at a discount

For a substantial lamp base that offers rich colour and elegance, Oka's Tupelo glass model is just the ticket

Lilipad by Sealey Furniture

Fed up with constantly mislaying your tablet computer? the solution - keep the thing upright in a stunning Lilipad holder from Sealey Furniture, available to buy from the deco shop

Alphabet cushions cost £65

Lu Flux, known for her idiosyncratic clothing made from vintage fabrics and textile remnants, has moved into homewares. Products include her ever popular Alphabet cushions, which may be more A for Amber than A for Anthony..not that Deco believes there are boy cushions and girl cushions

Turquoise seas around the island of Harris

The story of that most renowned of fabrics, Harris Tweed, has been captured in a collection of beautiful photographs of its Hebridean home by Ian Lawson, who has produced a book charting his journey through these islands. Which, if you hate hot weather, are the perfect summer holiday destination.