Blog: September 2016

It's the Dulux Colour Of The does that make you want to repaint your home?
By Noah Dugall

I'm always amused when a paint or a colour forecasting company (yes, they do exist..) does a drumroll and declares this or that colour to be the COLOUR OF THE YEAR.

Ah right, so it's the colour of the year. Gosh, I must repaint my house, yes, I'll get onto it straight away. I mean, I certainly do not want to be the only person in the street whose walls are not in the Colour of the Year.

Mmm, but it would be a help if it could be the Colour of Every Other Year, because I've only just finished painting our flat in last year's (ie this year, 2016's) colour of the year, which was Cherished Gold for Dulux. (And they even had a Face of the colour of the year, which was athlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson, I suppose for her bronzed complexion). And the year before I had to paint the flat in Dulux's Copper you can see my arms are starting to ache.

In case you are a dedicated follower of fashion and don't see a load of old marketing tosh staring you in the face, this week Dulux announced that its Colour of the Year (for 2017 that is) is...wait for it...a hue called Denim Drift (I wonder how many celebs are keen to be the Face of Denim Blue?)., ok get that, and drift..maybe the grey of driftwood. Because Denim Drift is a bluey-grey colour. It looks nice, so if you like blue and blue goes with your things and your walls needs re-decorating, then perhaps its Colour of the Year status will make you want it.

I suppose it's hard for paint companies to get us excited about paint because every possible colour under the sun is already available - have you ever seen a Dulux professional painter's paint fan? I mean it weighs a tonne! So giving us a Colour of the Year could be one way to jolt us indolent consumers with dirty/faded/flaking walls into action.

Except it doesn't. No one repaints in a colour because it's the colour of the year. I will never want gold walls, or copper walls. And blue walls? Nah, I'll stick with the nice pinky grey I mixed up by combining a pink and a grey paint together in a bucket with half a pot of white emulsion. It's my colour of last year, this year and next year and quite probably the year after that. That said should we ever change the colour of our sofa or carpet, then we might have to re-think the colour scheme.

But the bottom line is if blue or green or pink or yellow doesn't go with your stuff, or you just don't like it - I will never ever like mustard or purple - then no matter its Colour of the Year status, it's not going to work.


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