Blog: November 2016

Home and lifestyle tech - what's worked, what's not and what's to come?
By Sophie Barritt

Home assistance provider HomeServe has been looking at home technology and how it's developed from the 1960s  - and how it could be impacting our lives in the coming decades. Food mixers, hand held phones, and microwaves have all lasted, but products that didn't include a device that was supposed to sound like a cat and so frighten off rodents-  and dare we say the teasmade isn't a staple in that many bedrooms these days.

See the hits and the misses in this fun infographic:

And HomeServe did a survey of 2000 UK adults to get their views on future technological wizardry:

63 per cent of those questioned think smart thermostats will soon be the norm in our homes (if you haven't already got one..)

32 per cent of people think robotic cleaners sound useful and believe they'll take over from us when it comes to cleaning the house at the weekend.

And 41 per cent of those questioned say the boiler is the most important device in the home, compared to 35 per cent who prioritised the television over the boiler... maybe they're the hardy types who like cold showers and wearing their coat indoors in winter.. 


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