Blog: October 2017

Turn small empty bags into lavender bags to thwart the evil moth
By Coco Piras

If moths are the bain of your life because they eat your jumpers and cardigans, and quite possibly your wool carpets and rugs, you need more lavender in your life. And before you complain about the price of lavender bags, there is a much more obvious and cheaper  solution.

Which is to keep any little fabric bags you get when you buy jewellery or make up and to fill them with loose lavender...which is widely available of course - I like the organic lavender offered by Greenfibres in Totnes..

Or make your own lavender bags using spare bits of fabric..just sew two squares together by hand, leaving the top open of course for the lavender, then tie it shut with string. Simply tuck bags into drawers, pockets of cardigans, or hang them on the tops of hangers and munching moths will be thrown off course. A few drops of lavender essential oil on the bags can ramp up the scent which moths find so loathesome -  and also remember to squeeze the bags each week to release the perfume.

Then in a year's time, empty the bags, compost the old lavender and fill with new fresh strong smelling lavender.  The highly fragrant Lavendula X Intermedia is the best for this purpose as the fragrance contains elements of camphor which is what moths object to. A softer fragrance such as Lavandula Angustifolia will be less effective.

250g organic French lavender from Greenfibres cost £15.90
1kg lavender costs £30 at Shropshire Lavender

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