Acoustic desk divide from Woven Image

Everyone competing for workspace on the kitchen table? why not mark out your territory with Desktop, an eco-friendly, sound absorbing mini screen

Desktop, pinnable, foldable, from Woven Image, £135

Working and educating youngsters from home look set to continue for some time, so if you're trying to delineate your part of the table as your office and your 8-year-old's part of the table as his classroom, well, Desktop could be worth investing in. It's a 3-part hinged mini screen made by Woven Image from its EchoPanel. This versatile panel has great acoustic properties and it's definitely eco friendly, being made from 60 per cent recycled and 40 per cent virgin PET, and is 100 per cent recyclable. Desktop screen comes in six colours, it can be folded away flat and you can pin things to it. It's quite pricey at £135 but it is made to last. Available in the UK through The Collective (

EchoPanel from Woven Image is sound absorbing
Desktop folds flat for easy storage