Be creative with glass at home

Be creative with glass at home

Clear glass is wonderful as it lets there be light, but it's obviously problematic when it comes to privacy. Textured or patterned glass is the answer and UK manufacturer Pilkington has launched two new designs that are lovely to look at without baring all....

Cassini is a new design from Pilkington

Pilkington has added two new patterns to its Texture Glass range, Cassini (pictured above) and Tribal. The design team want to encourage more of us to use patterned glass as an interior design tool, whether as panes in outward facing windows where privacy is needed, or in internal doors/screens to partition spaces. Visit Pilkington to find your local supplier or T 01744 692000

An easy way to bring more light into your home is to replace solid wood doors with glass ones. These can be full length toughened glass doors, or the increasingly popular Crittal-style metal framed partitions that can replace walls, allowing light to flow through unimpeded.
The big decision with glass, though, is when to have it crystal clear and when to go for a textured or patterned glass. London interior designer Paul Warren says obviously with rooms that can be overlooked and you don't want to be overlooked, then clear glass doesn't make sense unless you cover it with sheer curtains. 'But that's a faff. Far easier with bathroom or sitting room windows that look out onto the street to choose panes of glass that are obscured so you keep the light but you don't feel you're living in a goldfish bowl,' he says.
British glass manufacturing giant Pilkington - part of Japan-based NSG Group - has an extensive range of designs in its Texture Glass collection of toughened or laminated glass. And the design team have added two stunning new patterns to the portfolio that are ideal for keeping up light levels in modern and traditional homes, while affording privacy where it's wanted.
Pilkington Cassini™ and Pilkington Tribal™ provide a great blend of form and function for windows and doors, partitions, dividers, splash-backs and cupboard fronts.


The Tribal design, new from Pilkington.
Close up of Cassini design
Pilkington Cassini™ combines a chic design of fine line detail and angles to give a soft yet rich multi-layered effect achieved using cutting-edge laser etching. It uses an overlapping pattern to provide the illusion that it's not a static design.
In contrast, Pilkington Tribal™ offers a freer hand-drawn finish inspired by centuries-old tribal patterns. To achieve this look, Pilkington drew on its expertise in hand-etching.
Hand etching
Ian Bateson specialises in the increasingly rare art of hand-etching glass and he worked on the Tribal pattern. He explains the process: 'For this design I hand-etched the pattern into a smaller prototype roller, which is then imprinted on a larger scale roller to mark the pattern onto numerous sheets of glass.
'Hand-etching is a dying art in this country – everything is made using machines these days. I’ve been creating designs for Pilkington for over 40 years and I’m proud that this traditional hand-drawn method is still making its way into the design of new products.'
Julia Berkin, Pilkington UK's Brand & Marketing Communications Manager, says textured glass is capturing the nation's imagination: 'Homeowners are looking for ways to create more privacy while still maintaining a pleasing aesthetic and functionality, something that our range of textured glass and decorative glass can help them achieve.'
Pilkington Texture Glass now offers 21 different designs ranging from traditional to contemporary. The glass is recyclable at end of life.