Blinds UK talks window treatments

Roman blinds are fast becoming the nation's favourite window treatment, but there are other options too, depending on your needs and budget

Windows need covering for practical and decorative purposes. Pictured above: curtains can be too voluminous for smaller rooms, says Blinds UK, but if you've got a sitting room with large windows, the combination of Roman blinds and curtains is stunning - and diminishes heat loss through the glass. And see how stripes and florals work surprisingly well together.

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There's nothing like moving into a property with no blinds or curtains to make you realise how vital window treatments are as you struggle to pin up sheets or towels to offer some privacy when it starts to get dark.

And if you want to update a room, there's nothing that makes such an instant transformation as new blinds or curtains.

Sophie Brown is customer services manager at Blinds UK, the leading online company offering made-to-measure window coverings at affordable prices. She says windows are a focal point in a room, so it's worth making sure you have blinds or curtains that enhance them by being well-made and in design that works with everything in the room. 

Curtains, especially those which billow and puddle on the floor in true English country house-style, can be wonderful. But most of us don't live in grandeur, and Brown says the window covering that's grown hugely in popularity over recent years is the Roman blind - which, in case there is anyone who's not familiar with it, folds up in neat pleats and lies flat against the pane when lowered.

'Roman blinds are just so versatile and easy to look after,' she says. 'They are very clean in terms of their shape and they work in both modern and traditional interiors. You'll find there's an enormous range of fabrics, so choose the colour or pattern that fits with your interiors.'

Roman blinds - Choose fabrics suited to a particular room
Taupe gold Roman blind
Plum Circles, Roman blind for bedroom from Blinds UK
Roman blinds are great for kitchen windows
Roman blinds for bedrooms are best with blackout lining
Berber blinds in gold
Stripes are fun and fresh
Butterfly print for a summery room

Ordering blinds online

Ordering blinds online might sound daunting to anyone who's not used to measuring, but it's nothing to fear, says Brown: 'Our website is very easy to use. You measure from left to right and top to bottom and just key in the measurements in centimetres, millimetres or inches.'

One question a lot of people do ask is whether they should measure inside the window frame or across the entire window architrave. The answer is that it depends on the look you want - you might want to see the architrave around the window if it's attractive, in which case you'll want the blind to sit within the frame.

However, if you want to ensure good blackout in a bedroom, it is advisable to have your blind made the width of the window, including the architrave, so in that case, Brown says you measure the width and add 7.5cm each side.

Hanging your Roman blinds

Again, that's become easy even for the DIY novice...because most blinds are attached with Velcro to a hanging bar. 'Really, it's very simple,' says Brown. 'Blinds UK products come fully assembled, so Velcroed onto their hanging rail. All you have to do is drill a couple of holes for the brackets we provide, and the rail clips on to the brackets.'

Alternative types of blind

Roller blinds are a great option if you're on a tight budget because they're cheaper than Roman blinds, but offer that same clean look. They can be made with blackout lining.

Venetian blinds are slatted blinds and the slats are turned up/down to block out the light. They're very unobtrusive and long-lasting, and can be made from thin strips of aluminium or wood. However, they are a nightmare to clean so if you hate dust, you'll have your work cut out for you...

Vertical blinds are thin lengths of a semi-hard fabric and they're an affordable and practical solution if you need to cover an expanse of floor to ceiling windows.

About Blinds UK

Blinds UK is an online business based in London and Luton, and it offers competitively-priced made-to-measure Roman blinds, curtainsroller blinds, vertical blinds, and Venetian blinds. 

The company offers a super fast service (most orders are delivered within 7-10 days) and all products are made in the UK.

Blinds UK offers a comprehensive range of fabrics (many by UK textile brand Prestigious), but is able to make up products using customers' own fabric on request.