Case study: glass mosaic is perfect for small bathrooms with no natural light

Case study: glass mosaic is perfect for small bathrooms with no natural light

If you have a small bathroom with no window, make it a jewel-bright delight, says Deco's interior design consultant Paul Warren

This bathroom has Bisazza glass mosaic tiles in three shades of green

Glass mosaic is perfect for small bathrooms and cloakrooms because it comes in wonderful colours and it makes a room look very special. This bathroom in a London flat has Bisazza glass mosaic in three shades of green, as well as bespoke mirror-fronted cupboards that run across the room to increase the sense of light. Glass mosaic can be recycled but some companies are offering mosaic tiles made from recycled glass.

This internal bathroom measures around 8ft by 6ft and has the advantage of being a regular shape. When the owners moved in It was very dingy with painted walls and a vinyl floor, and not surprisingly they found it depressing, particularly given that it has no window.

Paul Warren was asked to make it modern, striking, minimal and energy-efficient. He lowered the ceiling height to 8.5 ft, put in LED spotlights and electric blanket-style underfloor heating as well as a large towel rail.

He chose white ceramic sanitaryware by Duravit, including a wall-mounted basin and its water-saving dual flush wall-hung loo - by having a loo with a 6L/4.5L flush, a family of four uses 17,000 fewer litres of water annually than a household where loos have a 9L flush.

The bathroom isn't large enough for a separate shower and bath, so the shower is in the bath and it's has an aerator to save water.

Warren's carpenter used marine plywood to box in pipework and create a shelf that runs across the room and his carpenter built a run of mirror-fronted cupboards using MDF. This provides copious storage for towels and toiletries. 

Ask your carpenter to make you a niche for shampoo bottles etc. Mosaic glass can be recycled should you ever tire of it. For recycled mosaic glass tiles check out Onix Mosaico products.
Wall hung loos and basins increase the sense of space in a small bathroom

But of course what makes the room look fabulous is the glass mosaic in three shades of green.

'I don't tend to suggest glass mosaic for large rooms, but for small ones it really makes them special because the colours are so wonderful. I went for green for this room rather than blue because blues can make a room resemble a swimming pool. In terms of practicality, glass mosaic doesn't degrade over time, it reflects light, it's easy to clean and of course it can be recycled. And you get lots of grout lines with glass mosaic which stops the floor from becoming slippery when wet.

'I do love the colours of Bisazza glass, but I'm impressed with Spain's Onix Mosaico, which uses 98 per cent recycled glass for its mosaics, so I tend to look to them first now when clients express an interest in mosaics.

'It's not a cheap product by any means, but it can be affordable for a small room, and in terms of longevity, it's up there with ceramic/porcelain tiles.'

To enhance the modern look of the room, Warren suggested a frosted glass door for the room, which also increases the amount of light coming in. He asked a local glass company to make the door.

'The client and I really love this bathroom. It's modern, timeless, stunning and easy to keep clean and tidy.'

The total cost of the room, excluding the designer's fee, approx £16,000.