Christmas gifts galore with eco cred

Christmas gifts galore with eco cred

It's that time again...Deco Christmas gift time that is, with perfect presents for your nearest and dearest that have the added benefit of being pretty darn eco...

When it comes to gifts, well, perhaps we should all try to avoid giving plastic products this year because it's getting into we have 20 present ideas with something for all age groups that include a silk cushion with a secret, organic soaps, divine scented candles, take-with-you bamboo coffee cups, a personalised chef's knife, recycled oil drum alphabet letters and a skateboard made from recycled skateboards. Read on! Photograph above courtesy of Crabtree & Evelyn

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1/ Savon Stories Organic Lotion Melt Renewal Concentrate Bars, £14

Based in Surrey, Savon Stories has a delightful range of organic skin and haircare products including bars of shampoo and body lotion, which are fun and take up much less space in a toilet bag than bottles. Handmade in England, scent and ingredient combinations sound good enough to eat too. Savon Stories

2/ My Billet Doux Silk Cushions with a secret, from £185

Natalia Willmott's collection of exquisite hand-made silk cushions intended to revive the art of writing letters in particular. My Billet Doux cushions are decorated with antique or vintage ribbon, cushions have a discreet pocket in the back in which is hidden a My Billet Doux notebook and a pen. The idea is to write a note in the book for your amour, and they can write one back to you; or you can keep a secret diary for yourself. Cushions, 39x25cm, come in a range of colours and ribbons, with prices from £185.


Savon Stories organic soap and body care are made in the UK. Products include lotion melts which moisturise and make you smell divine. £14.
My Billet Doux handmade silk cushions have a secret compartment for a notebook and pen, from £185

Pictured above, leftSavon Stories' organic lotion melts, £14; Right: My Billet Doux silk cushions with a secret; Below left: Crabtree & Evelyn's Modern British Home Collection Seaside Vibes reed diffuser, £50; Below right: Beefayre Winter Berries scented candle in recycled glass jar, £18; Bottom left: vintage Swedish rag rugs from The Northern House; Bottom right: portable bamboo cup from ecoffee in William Morris design, £11.95

Seaside Vibes reed diffuser from Crabtree & Evelyn's new Modern British Home Collection, £50 200ml
Beefayre scented candles, large £18. Made in the UK from sustainable plant ingredients, 3% of profits go to bee conservation.
Vintage Swedish rag rugs are an ideal gift for young people moving into their first home. From £90 at leading UK specialists
Never leave the house without your bamboo Coffee a William Morris design. £11.95.

3/ Crabtree & Evelyn Modern British Home Collection Reed Diffuser, £50

Reed diffusers are also a pleasing way to have gentle wafts of fragrance in a room. Crabtree & Evelyn, that long-established and much-loved British fragrance and bodycare brand, has introduced its new Modern British Home Collection of diffusers and candles that come in minimalist bottles with intriguing fragrance names such as Seaside Vibes and Curiosity Corner. Fragrances are formulated and made in England. Crabtree & Evelyn 

4/ Beefayre Scented Candles, from £8

Scented candles are a fail-safe gift certainly for women. Beefayre is a UK brand offering candles in delicious fragrances made in England using sustainably produced natural plant wax and essential oils and recycled glass jars. Large candles have a 50-hour burn time; 3% of profits go to bee conservation projects. Founder Sharon Jarvis is also an artist and her charming bee drawings are used for the distinctive and enticing Beefayre packaging. Beefayre Winter Berries Large Candle, £18

5/ Vintage Swedish Rag Rugs from The Northern House, from £90

If you're looking for a present for young people starting out in their own home, a vintage Swedish rag rug from The Northern House will be gladly received. Swedes have been making these rugs for hundreds of years using textiles they had available such as old sheets, curtains, clothing and the result are subtle yet colourful stripey runners and rugs that are soft underfoot and immensely hardwearing - and no two are identical. The Northern House

6/ Portable Bamboo Ecoffee Cup in William Morris Designs, £11.95

Ecoffee Cup reminds coffee lovers they can save 25 pence when they take their own cup into many coffee if you know someone who hasn't yet got their own re-useable biodegradable bamboo cup you know what to give them for Christmas. And they can be items of beauty because Ecoffee Cup has a range in beautiful William Morris designs, £11.95.

Fun for vintage style interiors..and teenagers love them..metal letters made from recycled oil drums, £49 each at Lovestruck Interiors
Celebrating The Georgians. Small plaster figures and architectural gems modelled in Bath by The Modern Souvenir Company,
New artwork from the UK's Bold & Noble. Triathlon - set of three prints, unframed, £120, or £45 for one.
Fair trade tiny antique copper Kiko picture frames, with antique sari ties, perfect for tiny pics and mementoes, £16.95 for two at
For your wildlife loving friends, an Animal Ink bag from Perkins & Morley is a perfect present..useful and lovely to look at. Deer tote bag, unbleached cotton, printed in the UK, £8.99.
Turkish coffee set with copper pot by Selamlique at Jardins Florian, £115

Pictured above, top leftletters made from recycled oil drums, £49, at Lovestruck InteriorsTop Right: Small plaster models of significant people and buildings by the Modern Souvenir Company, from £18Centre left: Triathlon prints by Bold & Noble, £45 each; Centre right: tiny fair trade Kiko picture frames in antique copper with vintage sari ties, £16.95 for set of 2 at Pipii; Above: Animal ink unbleached cotton tote bag by Perkins & Morley, £8.99; Above right: Beautiful Turkish coffee set with copper pot by Selamlique, £115 at Jardins Florian Below left: Everlong water-based child-safe chalk paint, 1L £19.95; Below right: Modern Scandinavian Design, published by Laurence King, £60; Bottom left: original vintage posters from AntikBar

A British brand, Everlong chalk paint is perfect for the avid upcycler. Water-based, child safe, colours galore.. 1L £19.95.
Modern Scandinavian Design is published by Laurence King and is perfect for mid century design lovers. £60
Original vintage posters from AntikBar make wonderful and very special presents. From £80 into the thousands.

7/ Vintage Style Alphabet Letters from Lovestruck Interiors, £49

Typographical decoration is hugely popular, especially with youngsters. Lovestruck Interiors offers very stylish vintage alphabet letters made from metal from discarded oil drums which are great for mantelpieces or can be propped up on a shelf. They're approx 50cm x35cm and cost £49. Lovestruck Interiors

8/ Plaster figures and architectural models from the Modern Souvenir Company, from £18

Plaster figures and architectural models made by Bath-based Modern Souvenir Company are perfect for bookish friends or history nuts. This unique studio, set up by architectural model maker Timothy Richards, pays homage to the tradition of the Grand Tour when travellers would bring home mementoes of their travels. Choose from small busts (Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, Sir Winston Churchill, Emmeline Pankhurst...) or buildings from your recipient's favourite cities..London, Bath, Edinburgh, Oxford... Models are refined and detailed and very affordable with prices from £18Modern Souvenir Company

9/ Triathlon Screen Prints by Bold & Noble, £45 each or set of 3 £120

Walls need pictures and the modern screen-printed artwork of Herts-based Bold & Noble is always a joy. For sporty types, the recently added Triathlon depictions of swimmers, cyclists and runners are perfect. Each screen print costs £45 unframed or buy all three for £120. 50x70cm, printed in Hertfordshire on 250gsm recycled off-white card. Bold & Noble 

10/ Fair trade antique brass kiko frames with vintage sari ties, £16.95 for two at Pipii

These tiny 5x5cm glass and vintage metal frames from Pipii are made in India to fair trade standards and they're perfect for little pictures or mementoes/keepsakes such as a lock of a baby's hair. They're a lovely present which can be hung from pins in the wall and a set of two costs £16.95. Pipii


Pictured below, top left: Kids Rule large wooden personalised height chart at Lovestruck Interiors, from £139; Top Right: Tog kitchen knife, with laser engraved name, from £100 + £35 engraving fee; Centre right: Iris recycled skateboard skateboards at Jardins Florian, £165; Bottom left: Woodbud hardwood earphones, £25; Bottom right: handmade wooden rollerball pen from Devon Pens

Kids Rule giant wooden wall ruler so your kids can watch themselves grow and argue over who's the tallest..rulers can be personalised too. Choice of 5 colours. From £139.
Tog Japanese Knives with Kebony handles offers an engraving service so your recipient can have a world class chef's knife with their name on. Engraving costs £35. *Order by 31 October . Knives from £100.
Iris skateboards are the ultimate recycled riding machine. Constructed from recycled boards, they're handmade in San Francisco and cost £165 at
Brit brand Woodbuds are cool for kids..made from sustainable hardwoods they come in various colours, £25.
A gift for the late teen... a wooden ballpoint pen handmade in Saltram House yew by Devon Pens, £49.50.

11/ Animal Ink Unbleached Cotton Tote Bags from Perkins & Morley, £8.99

No one wants to be seen with a plastic bag these days, rather we'd all rather pop to the shops with a stylish tote bag on our shoulder. So for an inexpensive but memorable and useful gfit, the Animal Ink range of unbleached cotton totes, printed in the UK with charming animals drawn by design duo Jill Perkins and Jan Morley of Perkins & Morley, are perfect. They wash beautifully, measure 40x40cm without the handles and cost £8.99. Perkins & Morley 

12/ Selamlique Turkish Coffee Set at Jardins Florian, £115

For the Turkish coffee aficionado, this elegant set by Selamlique, is the perfect gift. It comprises a cevze, the long handled copper pot for preparing the coffee, porcelain cups and 100 per cent Arabica coffee. Jardins Florian 

13/ Everlong Chalk Paint for Upcycling, 1L tin £19.95

A great gift for the avid upcycler, Everlong paints are made in the UK and are water-based, low VOC and child-safe. In lots of colours from subtle neutrals to bright primary colours, the paint is ideal for transforming old wooden furniture without the need for sanding, priming or waxing. Easy to use, a little goes a long way. Everlong chalk paint

14/ Modern Scandinavian Design published by Laurence King, £60

For the contemporary design fan who wants to understand the huge influence Scandinavian designers have had on our homes and interiors, Modern Scandinavian Design from Laurence King is a book they'll treasure. Written by Charlotte & Peter Fiell and Magnus Englund (co-founder of Skandium stores) the book looks at furniture, architecture, glass, ceramics, textiles since 1925. Laurence King

15/ AntikBar Original Vintage Posters, from £45

Original vintage posters offer a window on history and are a great way to build up an unique art collection. So if you're feeling generous, head over to renowned specialist dealer AntikBar and be spoilt for choice in many genres of posters from cinema and travel to war and political propaganda produced between from the 1800s to the 1970s. AntikBar Berlin Zoo Flamingoes, 1970s, £275

16/ Kids Rule Wall Ruler at Lovestruck Interiors, from £139

Kids love to be measured, so let them keep tabs on their height with the fun and fabulous wooden Kids Rule wall ruler available at Lovestruck Interiors. The ruler goes up to 6ft 6in and you can have the names of the children you're giving it to put on it. Kids Rule at Lovestruck Interiors

17/ Personalised Tog Knife, from £100 + £35 for Laser Engraving 

The perfect gift for the serious home cook as well as the professional chef - a Tog knife with their name engraved on the blade. Tog knives are batch-made in Japan's Seki City from high carbon steel and have beautiful Kebony handles (Kebony is a hardwood alternative) and they're the Bugatti Veyron of knives...or the dog's bollocks in common parlance. Knives from £100, laser engraving costs £35. (Get your engraving order in by 31st Oct for delivery mid-December.) Tog Knives Laser Engraving

18/ Iris Recycled Skateboard Skateboard at Jardins Florian, £165

For the skateboarding teen in your life.. the eco friendly, super trendy Iris skateboard - a brand used by the great Tony Hawk. Iris skateboards are handmade in San Francisco using recycled skateboards and each one is slightly different. Buy them in the UK at Jardins Florian

19/ Woodbuds earphones, £25

Trendy earphones from a British company with coloured wires and earphones made from sustainable hardwoods. Woodbuds

20/ Devon Pens

Handmade wooden pens, made in Devon using locally sourced woods. The roller ball pen in Saltram House yew wood from Plymouth costs £49.50. Devon Pens