Circular economy forum in Helsinki

Circular economy forum in Helsinki

We're all getting very good at recycling our household waste but a lot more needs to be done by government, industry and business to achieve the circular economy we all know we need. The upcoming World Circular Economy Forum hopes to galvanise efforts

A circular economy model by the Ellen McArthur Foundation

The World Circular Economy Forum takes place in Helsinki from 5-7 June. More than 130 key speakers will be giving their views on what needs to be done, including Amra Balic of BlackRock global investment management corporation and Janez Potocnik of the UN International Resource Panel. Pictured above: a circular economy diagram from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The march of technology stands to put millions of us out of work, while the amount of waste generated from global consumption is, say experts, contributing to climate change. So it's obvious to all of us that the world is in serious need of solutions to create sustainable growth and jobs.

Next month's World Circular Economy Forum 2017 brings together 1,500 specialists from around the world to show how this can be done, and the event will focus on the world’s best circular economy solutions in which business and the environment go hand-in-hand.

Finland is the first country to have published a comprehensive road map to a circular economy and the forum is organised by its leading future-oriented think-and-do tank Sitra. 'A circular economy is about using resources more efficiently and creating more value with what we have,' says Dr Mari Pantsar, director of Sitra’s carbon-neutral circular economy. 'It can be the win-win approach everyone is looking for. For companies, circular products and business models help cut costs, manage risks and create new revenue. For societies, moving away from the current linear ‘consume-and-throw-away’ economy offers large benefits for tackling the climate crisis, reducing waste and creating jobs.'
Delegates will hear from 130 recognised speakers from business, politics, industry and NGOs - including BlackRock MD Amra Balic; Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of Carlsberg; Isabel Fernandez-Niemann, Head of Wholesale Banking at ING; Janez Potocnik, Co-chair of the UN International Resource Panel, and Ashok Khosla, Founder and President of Development Alternatives.
Astronauts use waste to survive
Former NASA astronaut Dr Cady Coleman also brings her inspiring circular economy story about surviving in a closed system with limited resources during her six months on the International Space Station.
Circular economy fights poverty
The forum will highlight how the circular economy plays an important role in achieving the UN’s global sustainable development goals (SDGs) and that future well-being for all is built on co-operation between different sectors. Twenty-three exhibitors will be presenting their most interesting circular economy solutions at the venue. 
World Circular Economy Forum 
Time: 5 to 7 June 2017
Place: Finlandia Hall, Mannerheimintie 13, Helsinki, Finland