Decorative LED lighting from Spain

Decorative LED lighting from Spain

Does your heart sink when you look around a lighting shop? Find much of what's on offer too fussy, too dated, too samey or too unimaginative? Then look to modern lighting from Spain, which is home to scores of great manufacturers who've embraced energy-saving LED technology

New for 2016, A3 LED wall panels by B.Lux.

If you can't make to the Light + Building fair in Frankfurt, where the major lighting brands launch their new designs, no problem. We bring you the latest LED contemporary lighting from Spain, arguably the nerve centre for beautiful energy-efficient designer lighting. Pictured above: Launched at last year's Light + Building, the A3 LED wall panels by Stone Designs for Basque Country-based B.Lux. LEDs sit behind the aluminium panels and wash light over the walls.

*Spanish designer lighting is widely available in the UK through, among others, DM Lights, David Village Lighting and Made In Design. Contact them or the companies themselves for prices.

Lighting is something we don't give enough thought to, when as any lighting and interior designer will tell you, lighting is perhaps THE most important thing to get right in your home if it's to be comfortable to live in and to look right. And it must be layered, which means rooms need, ideally, ceiling, wall and freestanding lamps -  a central bulb hanging from the ceiling with a paper shade really won't do!

Decorative lights - lamps and pendant lights - are by definition pieces that draw the eye so it's worth buying pieces that you find lovely to look at, and splashing out on some good pieces because they'll last and be a source of daily delight. And the good news is that many of top lighting brands are introducing energy-efficient LEDs into their products, which make them cheap as chips to run.


SpOh ceramic shades, hand-made in southern Spain, by Pott, around £220
New Ballet collection from Arturo Alvarez. Lights are LED with shades made from Simetech, a mouldable fabric-like material
Glass and aluminium Overlay LED lamp by B.Lux
Ginger pendant, LED, by Marset
Adjustable Theia LED lamp by Marset, glass and aluminium
For a stunning centrepiece light over a dining table, the LED Volta by Estiluz is fabulous
So smart... Mayfair LED desk light (pendant version available too) by Vibia
Non La Set LED pendant light from Bover

You may not know it, but Spain is home to scores of great modern lighting manufacturers and their products are widely available in the UK, the US and across the EU. Brands to consider are Estiluz, Marset, Bover, B.lux, LZF, Vibia, Milan Iluminacion, Arturo Alvarez, Carpyen, and more recent niche brands such as craft ceramic lampshade maker Pott - formerly The Pottery Project - whose products are hand-made in southern Spain.

Indeed what characterises many of these companies is that they manufacture in Spain, supporting the country's economy and of course meeting stringent EU quality and safety standards. They also use high quality, easily recycled materials such as glass, aluminium, stainless steel and polycarbonate.

Estiluz has recently launched new products that include the stunning Volta fixture by Nahtrang Studio, a pendant light that comprises a wide curve of metal with LED spotlights on either end – the effect is rather like an upside-down candelabra; and Pila, by Crouscalogero, a slim LED pendant made from a white painted aluminium tube topped with cork. The team were inspired by the idea of stacking different complementary materials.
Love this...Concentric LED wall fixture by Marset. Stainless steel discs with coloured LEDs. Choose fromm warm, neon or cool colours
Tempo Collection from Arturo Alvarez, LED light source, shade is made from pleated aluminium mesh
LEDs are recessed in the neck of the Keshi metal fixture from B.lux
For focused light..Cork and painted aluminium LED Pila pendants from Estiluz
Neat and adjustable Tubled wall light from Milan Illumination
Impressive wood veneer Cervantes pendant by Burkhard Dammer for LZF
LZF has pioneered wood veneer lighting and it's unveiled new designs including Cervantes by Burkhard Dammer, which can be a wall light or a centrepiece pendant light. Its inspiration lies in traditional latticework and it features curls of wood veneer tightly packed into a solid outer case. 
A standout design from Light + Building was Marset's Concentric wall light by Rob Zinn. It looks beautiful off and amazing when on because it features overlapping stainless steel discs backlit by LEDs in three colours. Choose from bright neon, warm (yellow, red and orange) or cool (blue, green and white) colours. And Marset's Theia light by Mathias Hahn is another high impact fixture because it has two faces which are revealed by swivelling the opaque metal semi-circular shade around its central axis to direct light where you need it.
Bover showed diverse new products, including Nón Lá by Jorge Pensi, a trio of highly polished aluminium hoods, named after and inspired by the hat Vietnamese women traditionally wear in the paddy fields.
North by Arik Levy for Vibia, which specialises in architectural lighting.
Garbi woven rattan outdoor light by Carpyen
Vibia is known for pushing the boundaries with its architectural lighting and its products are sleek, sophisticated and striking. A major new piece is North by long-time collaborator Arik Levy, which consists of a traditional hanging shade suspended from an elgonated carbon-fibre arm. The fitting can be attached to a wall or a freestanding unit can be made with multiple arms.
And for the ultra smart home, Mayfair by Diego Fortunato is an LED desk and ceiling light inspired by traditional 19th century library lamps. Made from brass with conical shades, products are available in various colours including polished or matt copper.