Eco clubbing

Eco clubbing

Go clubbing with a green conscience...London club Studio 338 announces measures to reduce its carbon footprint

South London mega club Studio 338 is introducing measures to make it one of the capital's most ecofriendly music venues. They include donating some of its profits to the Rainforest Trust as well as banning single use plastic bottles from the venue on the Greenwich Penninsula.

City nightclubbing is about to get a whole lot more eco. Studio 338 says it will be vastly reducing its environmental impact, including donating profits and encouraging artists to donate a percentage of their fees to the Rainforest Trust charity.

The south east London venue is commissioning a huge ‘Tree of Life’ installation in its garden made from reclaimed materials. Partygoers can donate towards the cost of making the tree, money which will also go towards reforestation projects organised by the Rainforest Trust.
Music and Events director Dan Perrin says Studio 338 also intends to remove all single-use plastics, non-biodegradable and environmentally harmful materials from the venue and are consulting with environmental specialists to improve their overall footprint.
'We're creating a movement aimed at leading the way for sustainable clubbing. We’re in the midst of a climate emergency and we all need to offset the detrimental effect of events and parties and our activities on the environment,' he says. ‘The electronic music community has the potential to make a real impact if we can work together to change our behaviours and reduce our carbon footprints.’
Dan says clubs are heavy energy users: 'Running events takes a lot of energy, from DJs and artist flights, to ground transport, to lights and sound. We are conscious that we are leading the next generation in event standards and we feel it would be a good example to the rest of the events industry if we act to change our impact on the environment.’
Studio 338 Pledges to be implemented by 2020:
♻️ Ban all single use plastics from the venue
♻️ Switch as much of their energy useage as possible to renewable sources
♻️ Ban all environmentally damaging cleaning and chemical products from the venue 
♻️ Ban products containing palm oil 
♻️ From February 2020 1 per cent of all venue profits will go to #treetree8 fund, and this money will go to the Rainforest Trust
♻️ Studio 338 will invite partner brands, DJs and promoters to donate 1 per cent of their fees to the #treetree8 fund
♻️ They will build a 'tree of life' in the 338 garden area where clubbers can donate any small change 
♻️ Studio 338 will send out a monthly newsletter updating clubbers on its eco progress
♻️ Studio 33 will host special events each year in conjunction with the Rainforest Trust, with all proceeds will go to the charity