Focus On: KriskaDECOR aluminium chain mesh curtains

Focus On: KriskaDECOR aluminium chain mesh curtains

Swishy metal curtains? Not sure about the idea?.. well Spain's KriskaDECOR has the design world agog with its fabulous colours and design capabilities..and you can use these curtains to bring colour and pattern into your home

Strands of anodised aluminium form artistic curtains

KriskaDECOR's aluminium curtains are lightweight and very eco friendly because they're made from recycled aluminium and are fully recyclable. The company works on large scale commercial projects but it has a fabulous collection of ready-to-wear (so to speak) curtains for the home market designed by Claire Davies. Above: multi-coloured curtain makes a stunning space divider  

KriskDECOR aluminium curtains may date back to the 1920s, but there is nothing old-fashioned about them. The company has re-invented the product for the 21st century and says the design possibilities for using it are myriad.

Delicate ribbons of aluminium chain can be coloured to reproduce images or patterns and when hung in place the curtains offer coverage, yet they also have a fluidity that reminds you of water rippling across the surface of a lake. You see the pattern but you also see through it and it's that translucent quality that makes KriskaDECOR products so interesting – and desirable. The curtains are also very tactile, you can't walk past them without running your hand through the strands.
Some of Claire Davies' designs for the residential market
Close up of the chains, which can be anodised in any of 30 colours
Decorate a wall with KriskaDECOR colourful curtains
The chain mesh is perfect for light shades
The colours of the sea are used in this curtain, used to decorate a wall
A pleasing lightness of being... shimmery and silvery curtains

World-renowned designers such as Patricia Urquiola and Philippe Starck have used the curtains in their projects and you see KriskaDECOR in such diverse interiors as the Arsenal Emirates football stadium in London, Wahaca restaurants, luxury hotels and corporate headquarters.

But it also has the Collections range by Claire Davies for residential customers. Choose from a great range of patterns and state the size of curtain you want. KriskaDecor isn't, alas, an inexpensive product - a curtain 90x250cm costs around £330.

KriskaDECOR is based outside Barcelona and has its own manufacturing plant which produces the curtains from start to finish. They're lightweight, making them easy to work with even when dimensions are large, and another huge advantage to them is that they fully recyclable – aluminium being the most easily recycled metal.
The company is looking to use its chain mesh for more lighing products
The colours are beguiling, especially when backlit

The company  was started in 1926 by José Maria Sans after he bet colleagues at his college that he could design a machine to manufacture metal links that  could be connected so they formed a chain. 

Within a short time his chains had become curtains and they became popular as door screens for homes, bars and small shops in Spain and other Mediterranean countries for obvious reasons -  they allowed air to circulate indoors, while preventing flies and wasps from getting in.
Fast forward and the company started to get serious about design, developing ways of anodising the metal to produce bespoke patterns and images – the Emirates Stadium's hospitality area, for example, has a large curtain 'printed' with Arséne Wenger's face.
Josep Ma Sans, KriskaDECOR's commercial director, says the product has become increasingly popular with advances in customization: 'Being able to customize with any pattern makes the metal mesh a versatile material to work it. You can have a design that is classic or's up to you the designer.'
And he says people like having interior spaces delineated but without rigid partitions. 'Using our curtains you keep a sense of space even if you're dividing it up.' Sans says people like being able to walk through the curtains, or to see shapes through them, so there's that feeling of life and involvement. Or to put it another way, it makes things more interesting.
And he says more homeowners are getting into the idea the curtains. 'People are using them at home for room dividers or to decorate walls..'
In terms of new products, Sans says the company's innovations department is looking at using the chain mesh for chandeliers/lighting and more freestanding room dividers. 'We're working to see how it can be used for products that are both creative and useful.'
So if you have any ideas, well, drop him a line.