The Handmade's tale: three shows comprise Handmade In Britain 2017

The Handmade's tale: three shows comprise Handmade In Britain 2017

It's an autumn feast of craft with the Handmade in Britain crew. They're bringing us Handmade at Kew and Sculpt at Kew, Handmade Edinburgh and Handmade in Britain

Kyra Mihailovic's Tulip bowls, £40 each

The best of British craft will be on show up this autumn at the Handmade fairs. The shows kick off with Handmade at Kew 12-15 October, which runs at the end of Sculpt at Kew, 18 September - 15 October; Handmade Edinburgh takes place at The Hub 27-29 October, while the show that got it all going, Handmade In Britain, takes place at Chelsea Town Hall in London from 10-12 November. Pictured above: ceramic tulip bowls, £40 each, by Kyra Mihailovic, who's exhibiting at Handmade in Britain.

There's no sign of interest in craft abating in this country. So much so that the Handmade team has been expanding its portfolio and this year brings us Handmade at Kew, Handmade Edinburgh as well as Handmade in Britain - not to mention Sculpt at Kew. So you don't have to miss out if you're living north of the border and if you live west of London, well, Kew's pretty accessible. 

Ceramics, glassware, textiles, rugs, furniture, art, jewellery...the fairs offer a chance to meet hundreds of our best designer-makers and to buy one-off pieces from them. It's always good to have a piece that you can't find on the high street, something that's been made with love, care and skill, and these fairs offer very happy hunting grounds.

Everyone's crazy about ceramics these days and some of our best ceramicists are showing their latest products, many of which are useful as well as decorative. For pretty small bowls, look out for Kyra Mihailovic's and Judit Esztergomi's stands at Handmade in Britain and at Handmade at Kew, see Norman Yap's ceramics which have an oriental look. Up in Edinburgh check ouf Juliet McCloud's stand - her wheel thrown pottery is decorated in designs inspired by the sea.

Reed dishes, £25-£50 by Kyra Mihailovic. Handmade in Britain
Wool cushion, 18x12 in, made in Scotland by Amy Bond Woven Textiles, £67. Handmade Edinburgh
Rock Pools, by Elin Isaksson Glass. Handmade Edinburgh
Nicandra Seed Pod, bronze resin, by sculptress Anne Curry. Sculpt at Kew
Porcelain bowls by Norman Yap Ceramics. Handmade at Kew
Young Fallow Deer by sculptor Philip Blacker. Sculpt at Kew (18/9-15/10)
Apple art sculpture of the wall by Benedict Homer (  Handmade at Kew
Proud Peacock, ceramic/glass, £595, by mosaic maker Amanda Anderson. Handmade at Kew
Paper zinnias by paper artist Rebecca Martin, £10 a stem. Handmade at Kew
Erraid wool wrap by Flora Collingwood Norris, £137. Handmade at Kew
Wool cushion and throw by textile maker Madeleine Jude. Handmade Edinburgh

Glassware too has become highly collectible and at Handmade Edinburgh you can see - and buy - the exquisite work of glass artists including Elin Isaksson, who works with mouth blown and fused glass and is known for incredible colour palette of her glass. Textile makers will also be a strong contingent in Edinburgh, with exhibitors including Mairi Helena, Morag Macpherson and Madeleine Jude.

Handmade in Britain at Chelsea Town Hall in London is hosting several leading glass artists, including Dena Michelli, who's trained in the art of stained glass and uses bold exuberant colours in her pieces. And if you're not familiar with wire sculpture, look out for the strange figures made by Rachel Ducker, which include life size figures that can sit in the garden, inside or indeed by attached to the outside of your house.

Funky colourful ceramics by Judit Esztergomi. Handmade in Britain
Twisted Beauty by sculptor Andy Young. Sculpt at Kew
Looking Glass bowl, £285 by Dena Michelle. Handmade in Britain
Life size figure by wire sculptor Rachel Ducker. Handmade in Britain
Wood storage box by The Art of Containment. Handmade in Britain
Lampshade, indigo marbling, £65 by Romor Designs. Handmade at Kew
Meadow Flowers by Linda Bristow, £280. Handmade at Kew
Halshanger Oak by printmaker Richard Shimell, £130. Handmade at Kew

Sculpt at Kew

The gardens are hosting works by 30 leading British and international sculptors, so between 18 September -15 October, there'll be an extra dimension to your immersion on plant life. Works are made in clay, bronze, glass and wood and sculptors exhibiting include Carol Peace, Guy Young, David Williams Ellis, Anne Curry and Hamish Mackie. These pieces will be for sale...but be warned, a wad of tenners won't, alas, be enough!

Bird Bath by sculptor Carol Peace
Work by David Williams Ellis

For full details about all the shows, including ticket prices and opening hours, visit