How To: Make A Lavender Bag From Vintage Fabric Remnants

How To: Make A Lavender Bag From Vintage Fabric Remnants

If you class yourself as hopelessly, irredeemably incompetent when it comes to making anything in the art and craft department, Kajsa Kinsella has plans for you. She's here to help you unleash your latent powers of makery and she's starting with an easy peasy lavender bag. Gather round folks

Lavender bag by maker extraordinaire Kajsa Kinsella

Kajsa Kinsella is a Swedish designer, upcycler and author who's lives in Northern Ireland. She's an expert on Scandinavian craft and is the author of books including 'Sew Scandinavian' published by Cico Books. She wants to get us all making, do-ing and mending...and given the British moth population's voracious appetite for our knitwear, a lavender bag is something most drawers and wardrobes can do with.

Sweet Lavender Pillow
'Fill your home with the warm and sweet memories of summer with this fragrant lavender pillow made from gorgeous vintage fabrics. It's easy and a good thing to start with if you've not made anything with your hands since primary school!
Soft beige linen;  Pink/White striped cotton material;  Tiny flowers cotton material;  Light green lace;  Light beige lace;  Dried lavender;  Plastic white flat flower;  Glass button (find buttons, lace etc at John Lewis' haberdashery depts)
Sewing Machine or large needle for hand-sewing;  White thread;  Pinking shears;  Ruler;  Regular Scissors;  Sewing needle;  Iron
We need 3 different size material patches: a backing-patch of beige linen measuring 14x14cm, a striped patch of cotton material 7x14cm and a flowery cotton patch measuring 14x11cm.
Step 1: Cut out your three squares of fabric
Step two: sew the front two patches together along the 14cm length
Place the two front patches face to face and sew together along the 14cm length. Cut along the seam allowance with a pinking shears to prevent the fabric from fraying.
Press the seam and fold the shorter patch back so you have one piece of fabric with two designs. Now cut two lengths of lace, both a little over 14cms long, and place them over the seam that joins the two fabrics. Attach them to the fabric by sewing one seam straight across all layers.
Turn both the front and back piece face down and fold in one centimetre all the way around. Iron flat and don`t forget to fold in the lace bits as well. Place the two pieces back to back on top of each other. Check that they are fully aligned and of the same size then pin them in place.
Sew almost all the way around, leave a small gap to fill the pillow with dried lavender, then sew the whole thing closed. 


Step  3: place the two lace strips over the seam joining the fabrics and sew them on across the centre
Step 4: place the decorative front against the back linen and sew around the edges
Step 5: join front and back fabrics, sew together leaving a gap to put the lavender in
the finished thing - a sweet little gift, perhaps, and a one that should keep moths at bay
Finally finish off by attaching a pretty vintage glass button and a white plastic flower by hand. Beautiful - well done!