Lawn School with David Hedges Gower

Lawn School with David Hedges Gower

David Hedges Gower is on a mission banish lawn neglect. A well-tended lawn is a work of natural beauty, so if you want to learn how to keep yours in rude health, heed his advice

Lawn School with David Hedges Gower

Love your lawn is the message David Hedges Gower wants to spread to gardeners in Britain. He's a leading authority on lawns and lawn care.

You may think the grass will be greener if you ditch the lawn in favour of astroturf...but it won't be. Because you'll be walking on plastic. 

Many of us give up on lawns because we feel we can't achieve that manicured smoothness we see in the grounds of stately homes or posh golf courses. But ask people what makes for a beautiful garden and most of us will cite a lush green lawn for starters.

Lawns support biodiversity

David Hedges-Gower is an authority on lawns and he wants us to stop taking the expedient option of putting down astroturf, decking or paving stones. None of these bring the joy of real grass - which is also vital for a healthy natural environment and supports essential bio-diversity.

He says it's really not difficult to learn how to maintain a healthy and happy lawn and he wants to dispel the myth that the only lawn worth having is a perfectly manicured one. Lawns serve different purposes.. you do need a smooth one for croquet or bowls..and indeed golf, but our garden lawns don't have to be picture book perfect at all. 

Spend a day learning lawn care

So if you look at your lawn in despair and wonder how you'll ever get rid of the moss, the weeds and the clover, or achieve a beautiful green instead of patches where things are going a bit yellow, David's Lawn School will prove a day well-spent.

And if you're tempted to abandon your small back lawn to a roll of astroturf, well, David reminds us that 'grass isn’t just the most resilient and adaptable plant on the planet, it’s what brings serenity and the perfect backdrop to our gardens and open spaces.
'It cools us in the summer, it softens the colourful fireworks of our borders and flowerbeds, it’s the canvas on which gardeners paint the rest of their garden…..and it’s been doing this for a very, very long time.'
David Hedges Gower. Love your lawn, he says
Lawn care can be learned by all of us
Lawn School
When: 5 May
Where: Hadlow College, Tonbridge, Kent
TIme: 9am to 5pm
Tickets: £65 which includes lunch and tea.
You'll hear from David, as well as from garden companies and enjoy lectures and practical demonstrations.