Lechuza self-watering planters

Lechuza self-watering planters

Keeping plants in containers watered can be a drag, especially in hot weather. Lechuza recyclable plastic planters have an internal reservoir that gets round the problem

By Noah Dugall
Lechuza planters mean you allow you not to water your plants for up to 12 weeks

It's that time of year when we head off on holiday in the sure knowledge that all our pot plants will be dead as do-dos on our return, having died from thirst. But Lechuza planters from Germany get around the problem thanks to an integral sub-irrigation system. Containers are made from recycling polypropylene.

Leaving plants can be almost as much hassle as leaving pets when the holiday season looms.

Pets can go to kennels, however, and while obliging neighbours might check on our plants, given that a staggering percentage of us don't ever converse with the folks next door, upstairs or in the flat below, that can't be taken as a given.

Enter the Lechuza recyclable plastic planter, which if you're not already familiar with it, could make life a whole lot easier for container gardeners.

It works by having a reservoir of water in the outer pot, while you plant your flora in a separate container that stands on legs above the waterline. Your plant roots grow down to meet the water, and hey presto, the plant stays watered for up to 12 weeks.

Planters come in a variety of colours and sizes. Prices from £24
Roots grow down to meet the internal reservoir in the planter
Rattan style planter
The pots also have a drainage system so excessive rainfall won't drown plants

It's not an immediate solution though, because you do have to wait for a few weeks for your plants' roots to grow down to meet the water line. But buy some pot plants now and they should be sufficiently grown by the October half-term to reap advantage from the Lechuza system.