Lilipad device holder

Lilipad device holder

Fed up with constantly mislaying your tablet computer? the solution - keep the thing upright in a stunning Lilipad holder from Sealey Furniture, available to buy from the deco shop

By Hari Alexander
Lilipad by Sealey Furniture

Beauty and function...this handsome device stand means you won't mislay your tablet computer again. The curvaceous Lilipad is made from sheets of FSC-certified birch plywood by Leicestershire bespoke furniture makers Sealey Furniture. It comes in a host of colours or wood veneer finishes and costs £35 from the Deco shop.

Like many good ideas, it started out a means to fulfil a need.

The Sealey Furniture team were always wondering where the tablet computer was because lying flat on a workbench, it was easily missed among the tools and sheets of wood.

So furniture makers Chris Boam and twin brother Alex thought they should make a stand for it that couldn't be missed. And being a skilled craftsmen, they couldn't help but make a display stand worthy of the business's reputation for beautiful design.

Lilipad comes in fabulous colours
Poppy red Lilipad. The design allows for any cables that need to be attached
For the gentleman who likes to retired to his library..the burr walnut finish
Handy for papers and letters too
Lilipad in meadow green
Inspired by nature...

Lilipad, which is obviously inspired by the shape of a lily pad, is made from thin sheets of FSC birch ply and it has a smooth sculptural form. The sheets aren't steam bent, rather they are pressed over a mould. The design also allows for cables, so you can stand your tablet computer in it and have it plugged into an electric socket.

It's very lightweight yet sturdy so you can easily take it out and about with you.

Choose from a wide range of lovely colours or for a smarter, more formal look several FSC wood veneer finishes are available too including burr walnut and sequoia.

Deco's veridict

Writer Hari Alexander has been trying out the Lilipad and thinks it's 'really nice to look at, it's tactile and it's useful. I have a Samsung tablet and initially I wasn't too fussed by the idea of having it standing up. But I have to say I'm a convert.. having it supported does make it much easier to use and read from.

'And the thing with tablets is when they're flat you can never find them after you've put them down. Now I always leave it in the Lilipad, which being bright green means there's no missing it.'