Littleworks Creative: Make A Wish Series (£95 framed)

Bright yellow merging into green and inky black with a white flower head. Framed tiles work on their own or hung as a triptych.

Medium: Plaster Cast Relief Plate

MAKING PROCESS: Ideas start with a drawing which is transferred and carved into individual lino plates. Each plate is inked, before casting into plaster of Paris. The tiles are then air-dried, mounted and box framed.

The resulting tile really is "in relief" with the raw plaster areas raised to illustrate intricate carved line work, creating a 3D surface. No two castings are identical - even colours can change due to the plaster baking the surface and altering the stability of the inks.
DIMENSIONS: Tile 110mm x 110mm x 10mm
Size when mounted in white box frame: 250mm x 250mm
Price: £95 framed
Make A Wish 1 - full seed heads
Make A Wish 2 - partial seed heads
Make A Wish 3 - Two seeds floating on the air

Each artwork is handmade to order by Tamara, so delivery takes 2-3 weeks.

For each order please add £3.40 postage

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