Look no wires - the Vax Air Cordless vacuum cleaner

Look no wires - the Vax Air Cordless vacuum cleaner

With more brands bringing out cordless vacuum cleaners, we've been testing out the Vax Air Cordless. For the house proud who want to be able to vacuum in an instant it's a boon.

By Abby Trow
No wires to trip on and an easy to empty bin

Vax will take back your old Vax machine for recycling when you buy a new one. So is it worth buying the new Vax Air Cordless machine? Not, of course, if you have a perfectly good vacuum cleaner, but when you do next need a new machine this one has many pros and very few cons. No cord being a key attraction...

Once you've embraced online supermarket shopping you can't believe you ever put aside half a day a week to go and push a heavy trolley around a store, queue for the checkout, pack copious shopping bags into the car, drive home, unload the bags and lug them indoors. Or worse, lug them home on the bus.

An once you've used a cordless vacuum cleaner you won't return to the large and heavy plug in machine that lives in a cupboard miles from where you want it to be, requires finding sockets to plug it into, and which is the cause of your mother tripping and breaking her wrist.

Cordless is an unmitigated joy when it comes to vacuum cleaners. The machines are lightweight and slender so you can leave them out and don't really notice them. And when you see dirt, boy, you can be be on it in a trice. No trudging to the cupboard to find the plug in, feeling maybe it's too much effort and you'll do it tomorrow...In short, the more electrical goods that go cordless, the better (the plug-in toothbrush was such a drag wasn't it..)

So, the Vax Air Cordless. The Trow household (ie me..) has been using it for the past few weeks and let me say that having been diagnosed with mice in the kitchen and told by the pest control man not to leave so much as one crumb lying around for them to eat, the machine has been in overdrive. The kitchen floor has never before been clean.

You do need to wash the filter regularly and it does take 24 hours to dry out
The tools work well
The Vax Air Cordless is easy to carry with one hand
The machine comes supplied with two lithium life batteries, which charge in under an hour

I like the GTech Air Ram, which we reviewed earlier this year, but it is a very noisy machine with no onboard tools. I think on balance I prefer the Vax Air Cordless because it works very well on carpet and hard floors. It's quieter and less shrill than the Air Ram, it's very manoeuvrable, and it has tools that albeit don't live on the machine, do attach to the hose, so you can clean the stairs and sides of skirting boards pretty easily. That said, as other reviewers have commented, the hose could do with being a fair bit longer.

There has been a sense to date that most cordless cleaners are intended to be additional pieces of equipment, rather replacements for the traditional plug-in upright or cylinder.

We have a Miele cylinder machine and I wouldn't have considered getting shot of it in favour of the Air Ram, which to me is a nice-to-have extra machine to keep the downstairs clean. The Miele is still in good condition so we won't be getting rid of it, but I would agree with Vax that the Air Cordless is a good enough vacuum cleaner to be the only one a household needs. 

It offers 50 minutes of vacuuming per battery and it is effective..from mud, to astro turf pellets, to sugar..you name it, it sucks it all up. The clear bin is easy to empty out, and the filter is also easy to take out and wash out with water. You do need to do this after every 4-6 uses to keep the machine working well, but I find the fact that it takes a good 24 hours for the filter to dry out rather a long time.. but then I guess if don't have rodents or footballing sons in the house you wouldn't be so OCD about vacuuming and that wouldn't matter.

Two batteries

I also like the fact that the Air Cordless comes with two batteries, so when once runs dry you slot on the next one and put the drained one on the charger - which is small and lives under the sofa in our flat. In short, the machine is in a constant state of readiness.

To sum up

Very good. Go for it if you want a cordless vacuum cleaner. And I see benefits for the NHS if all elderly folks are issued with one...

Air Cordless machines are made in China.