Meet Moosetache, a fun, eco-friendly wall light to brighten your day

Meet Moosetache, a fun, eco-friendly wall light to brighten your day

Moosetache is an easy-fix wall light made from recycled plastic that comes with a set of moustaches to suit your mood

By Hari Alexander
Moosetache is made from recycled polypropylene

Moosetache is a wall light that not only gives good light but can bring cheer into your home, office, garage or shed with his panoply of moustaches. Designed by Edinburgh product design studio Blue Marmalade, it's made from 100 per cent recycled polypropylene and is fully recyclable. Help get Moosetache into production by supporting it on Kickstarter - the target is just £3,000

Moosetache is a useful light that has the added benefit of being a jolly chap to have around. He comes with a set of four moustaches (country gent, biker, bridgadier and lumberjack) and his raison d'etre is to cheer folks up and shed light where light is needed.

Trent Jennings at Blue Marmalade says Moosetache has been in development for over a year: 'We wanted to make an eco friendly product that's fun as well as practical. This is a wall light but it doesn't have to be fitted by an electrician. No, we supply a hook to hang Moosetache on and it has a clear wire that you just plug in to your socket. So you can move it around from room to room.

'We have worked with our EU supplier of the recycled polypropylene to get the right shade of white to give a warm light, and the product is super quick to assemble. And should you ever want to dispose of it, just put it in your recycling bin.' 

A useful extra light for the kitchen
Moosetache can be delivered as a piece of wall sculpture if required, so without the light fitting
The Biker moustache
Move the product from room to room, you just plug it in
Moosetache is a zero landfill product
A red moustache and cord is an option

Moosetache takes a low energy compact fluorescent or LED bulb; or if you don't want it as a light, you can have it as a wall sculpture.

The product will be made in the UK if the Kickstarter funding target is reached. It will retail at around £55.