Monde Mosaic's affordable, accessible art

Monde Mosaic's affordable, accessible art

The art world has often seemed very polarised between original art, good, posters and prints, naff. But Monde Mosaic says it's time we all just buy what we like and liberate ourselves from art snobbery

It's In The Water by Bianca Green

Online art platforms are good for artists and good for people who want easy access to the work of new and up and coming artists they would not otherwise come across. Monde Mosaic was launched by Brighton-based businessman and art lover Vanja Przulj, who wants to make it easy for people to find art they like and to have it printed in sizes that suit their homes. Uruguay artist Bianca Green's It's In The Water is pictured above. Prints unframed from £18. Monde Mosaic also offers organic cotton sweatshirts and hoodies with art prints.

If you're not in the art world, for which read if you don't have a budget to buy original art, there's been a tendency to feel stuck as to what to put on your walls.

The general feeling many of us pick up is that having posters on our walls, even if framed, is naff, and having prints of famous paintings is so naff you just don't dare go there, no matter now much you might love Botticelli's Venus or Van Gogh's Sunflowers.

Having your children's drawings framed is naff, putting large black and white photographs of you with your kids on your walls is not only naff but vain, and buying inexpensive original paintings from amateur artists that you sometimes see in tea shops around the country is beyond the pale. end up with bare walls. Which is boring.


Autumn Dream by UK photographer Ally Coxon
Freedom by Ally Coxon
Peony on Blue by Ally Coxon
Voyages over New York by David Fleck
Seeing Sound by Bianca Green
These Diamonds Are Forever by Bianca Green, who works in Uruguay

Monde Mosaic founder Vanja Przulj thinks its time we liberated ourselves from the tyranny of what we fear an art critic might say if he or she inspected our walls, and just buy images we like, whether it's a poster, print or limited edition. And the joy of digital platforms means it's easier than ever for people to find works from artists around the world that they would never normally encounter.

'Giclee prints are superb quality and the sheer volume of art that people can have access to via the web means we're not going back to the days of the Athena print when there was a relatively small array of images in a particular style...,' he says.

'I think a lot of the problem with prints was around having them of very famous works, which everybody knew and which a print could never do justice to. But today people aren't buying pictures that everyone else will know.'


Longitude by Catherine Holcombe
Blossom Bird by Terry Fan
Falling In Love by Yetiland
Rainbow Chevron by Sharon Turner
Cotton Candy by Alice

Monde Mosaic works like this: artists are invited to submit digital files of their work, which are uploaded into the gallery. Customers choose what they like, they can specify just a print, or a framed ready-to-hand image in a choice of sizes. Monde Mosaic organizes the production and delivery of the product, and the artist receives a payment per image sold. 

Monde Mosaic curates the works on offer, choosing artists after doing extensive research. 'We're looking for talented artists, who might be painters or photographers, or who make digital art. We look for emerging talent, people we feel will make a strong name for themselves over the coming years. Really, what's we're about is making art more accessible, and bringing on artists who might in the past have struggled to find an audience.'

Prints start at £15.

Environmental issues
Przulj says environmental considerations have been important from the outset: 'We've tried to be as green as possible across the board. We print here in the UK and all our papers are all FSC -  we buy a lot from Germany's Hahnemuhle, which has very green production methods. The wood we use for frames comes from sustainable European forests and all our inks are non-toxic water-based pigment inks.'
Customers can have images printed on T shirts and Monde Mosaic supplies organic cotton T shirts from Continental Clothing's Earth Positive range.