New Jigsaw encaustic tile collection by Neisha Crosland

New Jigsaw encaustic tile collection by Neisha Crosland

The renowned surface designer, known for her lovely organically geometric abstract patterns, has developed a new range of tiles for stone company Ca'Pietra

By Coco Piras
Neisha Crosland
Tiles are used widely in homes on the Continent but we Brits are still wary of using them outside bathrooms and kitchens.The Jigsaw Collection from Ca'Pietra may inspire us to take patterned tiles into other rooms...sitting rooms and studies, heaven forfend! Jigsaw comprises six encaustic tiles in various shapes designed for interior spaces. They come versatile colourways and are called Fern, Hopscotch, Mac Maize, Moghul Patch, Rattan and Sun. Pictured above: Moghul Patch tiles in Turmeric Slate
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In her new collection for Devizes-based Ca'Pietra, Neisha Crosland plays with her distinctive patterns on unusual tile shapes that fit together to create beautiful floors and walls in a kaleidoscope of refreshing colour. She says a good pattern is one that people can connect with:  'It must have a sense of familiarity about it, but at the same time the design must surprise them with its freshness.' 
The Jigsaw patterns are arranged across a series of shapes from square to a more decorative diamond, fan and elongated hexagon. They explore optic angles and stars, castellated edges, overlapping lines and dynamic geometrics. Colours are dusty brights in pink, jade, primrose and pomegranate, while the nature of encaustic gives colour a muted, subtle softness.
Hopscotch in Pomato Pink
The Jigsaw collection of encaustic tiles for Ca'Pietra
Fern tiles in black cream
Sun hexagonal tiles in Burnt Sienna

Encaustic cement tiles are an artisan product and are more expensive than mass produced ceramic tiles because a lot more work goes into them. However, they are pieces of beauty and should last for ever if laid properly.

So how they are made?

Encaustic tiles are made in a mould using different coloured clays. Mineral pigments are poured into the mould and then cement is pressed down onto it and compacted using hydraulic compression. Tiles are left for several weeks to 'cure' rather than being fired in an oven, so in fact they use far less energy in their manufacture than conventional ceramic tiles. They are time consuming to make but offer huge scope for achieving pattern and colour. The Victorians loved encaustic tiles and now modern designers such as Crosland are re-discovering the design potential they offer.
The Jigsaw collection of tiles are perfect for floors in any room, as well as for splashbacks and surrounds. 
Cost: from £6.84 inc VAT per tile.