PEA sustainability award winners 2018

PEA sustainability award winners 2018

Congratulations to all this year's PEA award winners, which include the makers of 100 per cent bamboo tissue, a reusable cup made from waste rice husk and a drinks company that uses wonky fruit and veg.

PEA awards 2018

This year's awards ceremony took place at Valley Fest which was held at an organic farm overlooking Chew Valley Lake in Somerset. PEA awards judges had to choose between hundreds of inspiring products and services from green pioneers and sustainability champions from across the UK and Europe.

It's great to hear from the high street cafe sector that loads of us are now starting to arrive at their counters armed with our own cup for our morning cappuccino, tea or Americano. So no surprise that a PEA Product Award went to Richard Milton of Huskup.
Huskup is a new reusable cup that uses an abundant waste material – the humble rice husk. Durable and dishwasher safe, it’s free from plastic, trees, BPA and melamine. This unassuming little cup is setting a new bar for the UK’s eco-friendly caffeine fix.
And while trees are renewable, well, bamboo grows much more quickly so a Product Award also went to Chris Forbes of The Cheeky Panda. It's the UK’s first 100 per cent bamboo tissue company and the UK’ s first brand to be 100 per cent FSC certified. Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing and most sustainable plant; it grows up to one metre a day, meaning one acre of bamboo produces the same yield as 30 acres of trees.
The Cheeky Panda bamboo tissue
Jo Wood and her artist brother Paul Karslake receive their Green Family award from Jarvis Smith, PEA awards founder
Huskup rice husk reusable cups
zappi by mienergi

This year's Britain's Greenest Family award went to the Wood family, comprising Jo Wood, her son Ty and brother Paul Karslake. Jo runs Jo Wood Organics, a range of organic body care products and she's a keen proponent of organic living. Her son, Ty Wood is the founder of Project 0, which raises money for large scale projects aimed at protecting and restoring the world's oceans to health. Jo’s brother Paul Karslake is a fine artist who is depicting the ugly side of the beauty industry when it results in discarded plastic packaging. 

Electric cars will become the norm within the next decade, although huge amounts of electricity will have to be generated for them. Solar power is an obvious free source of energy and the myenergi team took the Energy award for its zappi, a British-made eco-smart EV (electric vehicle) charger. Indeed it's the first EV solar power charger on the market.

Additional winners
Food Award - Maciek Kacprzyk, Get Wonky. This sustainable drinks company makes fruit juices out of wonky fruit and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. It’s saved 150 tonnes of wonky produce to date and is on track to meet its target of saving 600 tonnes by January 2019.
Green Pioneer - Chris Johnson, Kambe Events. Chris co-founded Shambala festival 17 years ago; the event now has a global reputation for its pioneering sustainability strategies. It’s powered by renewables and single-use plastics have been eliminated. 80 per cent of recyclable materials at the festival are recycled, most of the loos are compost and low-carbon travel plans have been introduced. Chris also co-wrote The Plastic Free Festivals guide.
Tourism award - Tamara Amadu, Delphina Hotels & Resorts. This is first Italian hotel group to use entirely green and renewable energy across its portfolio. allowing the hotel group to save 3,536 tonnes of CO2 each year. Its high end properties are built into the landscape and integrate with their region’s indigenous plants and trees. The use of locally sourced materials means Delphina has helped regenerate centuries-old artisanal trades and skills.
Transport award - Jonathan Porterfield, Eco Cars. Eco Cars sources electric vehicles to order and will deliver them anywhere in the UK from its base in Orkney. Jonathan has driven all makes and models of EV the length and breadth of Britain, including from Land’s End to John O’Groats with Chris Ramsey of Plug In Adventures, showing that even older EVs with smaller batteries are remarkably versatile on cross-country journeys.
Vegan award - Tim Barkley, Purezza. Purezza (‘purity’ in Italian) was the UK’s first entirely vegan pizzeria. It opened in Brighton in 2015 and launched a second branch in Camden in north London in March this year. It uses its own plant-based cheeses, with alternatives to ricotta and mozzarella made with organic brown rice milk and coconut oil. Delicious.