Plantashelf: your very own wall garden

Plantashelf: your very own wall garden

Indoor air quality is greatly improved by having plants at home but they can take over surfaces and generally get in the way. Plantashelf is a new product that allows plant and shelf to live in harmony on the wall

By Abby Trow

A bit like being told to eat five pieces of fruit and veg a day, so we're all being urged to fill our homes with plants to make our indoor air healthier. But plants in pots take up space so we make do with the odd spider plant or a tiny cactus of two on a window sill. Here's where Plantashelf from London-based Prieto Design Studio comes in, as it takes plants up onto the wall and provides shelf space too. Marvellous! Single unit of two planters and a shelf £60.

Bringing plants indoors is all very well in theory but somehow it's hard to get it right. The odd one can look dismal and often we forget to water it and it dies off quickly. Or too many plants and it all gets a bit jungle hoarder with nowhere to move. But the point is plants in pots require a fair amount of shelf space so in small flats without much shelving, they tend to lose out to books, mags, pots and vases.

Which got London based Spanish designer Jorge Prieto thinking about a solution that brings plant and shelf together in a spirit of complementing each other. The result is Plantashelf, a wall-mounted modular unit of plant holders separated by shelves, allowing you to improve your air quality, have lots of uplifting greenery and space to display your prize possessions.

Keep the kids' air quality in good nick
Plants for a good night's sleep
Plants look neat and being wall mounted they're not obtrusive
Watering doesn't have to be done that often as each planter has a water reservoir

You can configure Plantashelf as required, as the units can flow across a wall or you can just have one or two in a room. They work in any room - kitchens (they're perfect for herbs), bedrooms, living rooms -  and because they're on the wall, they keep plants looking neat.

One unit comprises two planters separated by a shelf and Plantashelf is made from recyclable ABS plastic with a clear acrylic front panel. The plant units have a water reservoir under the perforated bottom shelf which you fill from time to time and this means you don't have to be neurotic about watering your plants daily as they can drink up as they need to. Another appeal of these units is that you get to see the soil as well as the plant, so there's more of an earthy garden feel to the whole thing.

Designer Jorge Prieto says he hopes Plantashelf will have broad appeal - particularly for those living in small flats. 'Plants absorb carbon dioxide whilst simultaneously pumping out fresh oxygen, which is why they make us feel good. Despite this, they can be difficult to incorporate into home and office spaces. Plantashelf is different because instead of having a clunky potted plant taking up space, the simple shelving system allows users to conveniently arrange space alongside plants.'

And he says Plantashelf is a deceptively simple creation. 'We set ourselves the challenge of designing a functional, stylish product which helps to improve quality of life, help our planet, and looks elegant while doing so.'
Support the company's Kickstarter campaign, which starts in December, to raise £15,000 to start commercial production in Asia. Follow Prieto Design's Facebook page for updates.