Product review: sharpen your knives easily

Product review: sharpen your knives easily

AnySharp Twist is a nifty little device that allows everyone to sharpen their kitchen knives without risking life and limb. We've tested it and it's a thumbs up from deco

By Abby Trow
Any Sharp Twist is a compact kitchen essential

Blunt kitchen knives are, you will agree, the curse of the home chef. It becomes impossible to finely chop an onion and as for cutting that loaf of sourdough bread..well you end up tearing off chunks with your hands. It's tempting to buy new knives because loads of us don't have a sharpening steel, or if we do we're too scared to use it unless we're of the swashbuckling musketeer persuasion. So all hail the AnySharp Twist, which allows for quick hands-well-out-of-the-way knife sharpening. It costs £14.99 and comes in cream, red or black. Widely available online and on the high street.

We have been testing the AnySharp Twist for a month.

Our verdict

It really was getting hard to cook because our knives had become so blunt they were useless when confronted with anything more sturdy than blancmange. So it did get to the point there I was going to take them to the recycling centre and buy news ones. But then I saw the price of new ones and rejoiced at the timely offer to test the AnySharp Twist, which it must be said, has saved us a fortune. 

It's small and easy to hold in one hand and when not in use it's no trouble at all because it takes up a minuscule amount of counter space. 

Any Sharp Twist is made from plastic with tungsten carbide cutting tools

But more to the point is it does allow you to sharpen your knives effectively and safely - using only one hand. So you put it on the counter top and twist it - it stays in place thanks to its suction cup base (it can take 12kg of downforce!) and it does feel very secure. Then take hold of a knife and pull the blade up through the centre of the device several times. This action pulls it through the tungsten carbide sharpening tools and the joy is your hand is nowhere near the blade. 

The result - well, very good. A knife that couldn't make mincemeat of an onion is transformed into one that can. AnySharp Twist is good also for serrated steel knives - but note it's not intended for scissors or ceramic knives.

So to sum up: AnySharp Twist is a very useful, safe and effective knife sharpener. Great for the nervous, the young, the elderly, the nervous young and elderly, and the accident-prone. Cheap at the price too.