Pure and natural soaps and skincare from France

We're delighted to offer a wonderful range of pure and natural French soaps and a delicious rose scented organic body lotion at exceptional prices.

Savon le Naturel is a long established Marseille soap maker with a tradition of using only natural vegetable oils. The liquid Extra Pur soap is fragrance free so is ideal for sensitive skin.  500ml bottle £9.99

Savon de Marseille is famous for its iconic blocks of pure soap that grace many a French bathroom. Savon de Marseille continues to make its soaps in a cauldron, using only vegetable oils including olive, coconut and palm. A 300g block should last for months btw! 
300g block £5.99

For smaller bars of pure soap we have Canelle Orange and Verbena 125g bars handmade in Provence. 125g bar £1.95

And we also offer Rose Body Lotion, again made using organic ingredients by a maker in Provence. 250ml bottle £5.50


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